AEW releases nasty photos of Jon Moxley's MRSA infection


AEW has released photos of Jon Moxley's gruesome MRSA infection which kept him out of his All Out match vs Kenny Omega at the end of August.

Earlier this year, Jon Moxley was supposed to face Kenny Omega at AEW All Out after the two collided when Moxley made his surprise AEW debut at Double or Nothing.

However, days before the show was scheduled to take place, the former WWE superstar pulled out of the match due to an MRSA infection, with Pac replacing him vs Omega.

The rescheduled match of Moxley vs Omega will take place at Full Gear this weekend, and it will be a non-sanctioned Lights Out match.

To promote the upcoming clash, AEW has released some horrible photos of Moxley's MRSA infection in their Countdown video to Full Gear.

In the video further down in this article, at around the 15:15 mark, AEW head physician Dr. Michael Sampson explains that an MRSA infection is essentially a flesh-eating bacteria.

He goes on to explain that the infection got into Jon’s bursa sac as well as how Moxley could’ve died if the infection had spread its way into his bloodstream.

Thankfully, that wasn't the case, but just by looking at some of the pictures in the video, you know it must have been a horrible experience at the time for Moxley. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

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As previously mentioned, Moxley and Omega will have a non-sanctioned Lights Out match at Full Gear, which is essentially another name for a no disqualification match, but in kayfabe, AEW will not be responsible if either gets injured.

Certainly though, just by looking at the gruesome photo of Moxley's MRSA infection in AEW's Full Gear countdown video, he's already been through the wringer recently.

On a stacked card, Full Gear this Saturday will also see Chris Jericho defend the AEW World Championship vs Cody. If Cody loses this match, he'll never challenge for the AEW World title again.

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