Eddie Hearn hits out at KSI and Logan Paul for 'embarrassing' press conference comments

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2 - Final Press Conference

YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul meet in the boxing ring on Saturday night. 

The fight is being promoted by Eddie Hearn and it's set to make the Matchroom Boxing chief an awful lot of money. 

It's going to be broadcast live on pay-per-view throughout the world and the bout is expected to make millions of pounds. 

But despite that, following Thursday's press conference, Hearn has admitted he's growing frustrated with KSI and Paul, suggesting the pair 'don't respect the game enough'. 

"They don't know enough about boxing, they don't respect the game enough to think about what they're saying," he said in response to KSI's claim he's going to 'end' Paul's life. 

"Fighters say that kind of stuff all the time, no one ever means it, but I didn't like that when it was said multiple times.

"But I've heard it this week, last week, the week before. I don't think they know enough about the game to know they shouldn't be saying that, in my opinion." 

Check out the clip below, where Hearn admits he annoyance around the 55-second mark: 

As well as expressing his frustrations, Hearn also suggested that both men are 'not very good' at boxing.

"I'm excited to see what's going to happen, I don't know what's going to happen. I know they both really want to win and they're both probably going to crack under the pressure," he said.

"They're both not very good, they think they are, now, but the reality is when someone gets hit the world is about to change for them."

KSI and Logan Paul appeared at a press conference on Thursday

GIVEMESPORT'S Ollie Browning says:

Hearn is absolutely right to be annoyed at the threats KSI and Logan Paul are throwing around. 

Of course, they aren't actually going out to kill each other in the ring and comments like these are part of the match build-up, but neither fighters are acting professionally at the moment. 

Both of the YouTubers have huge followings and there is an awful lot of interest in this fight. Therefore, KSI and Paul have to set a better example to their fans. 

KSI and Logan Paul will fight in Las Vegas

Hopefully, the pair will do all their talking in the ring on Saturday night and put on a show worthy of a PPV title fight. 

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