FIFA 20 players can get Jamie Vardy's Player of the Month card for less than 20,000 coins


Jamie Vardy was named Premier League Player of the Month for October and that means EA Sports have given him a special card in FIFA 20. 

The striker has been upgraded to 86 overall and he boasts some impressive new stats too. 

With 92 pace, 85 shooting and 80 dribbling, the Leicester City star will fit into almost anyone's Ultimate Team.

Normally, Premier League POTM cards are quite hard to obtain through 'Squad Building Challenges'. 

But not Vardy - he can be picked up for as little as 20,000 coins. 

The challenge went live around 11am this morning, with the only requirement being to submit an 83-rated squad that includes one Premier League player and has at least 75 chemistry.

Pretty easy, right? It especially is for players who have spare 82+ rated players in their squad already. 

It's not yet clear if this is a mistake from EA Sports, or if there's a reason that Vardy is so cheap to build. 

Vardy's POTM card is obtainable

For context, last months POTM, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, required a lot more coins and effort.

Players had to submit four teams, including an 85-rated squad and an 87-rated squad. 

Yet, the Vardy Squad Building Challenge has been up for over seven hours now, so the developers have had plenty of time to take it down - and they haven't at the time of writing.  

Vardy was very impressive throughout October

There's one issue for - most 83-rated players in Ultimate Team are now selling for around 10,000 coins, where they previously would have been much cheaper to pick up. 

But, obtaining Vardy is still very much achievable and FIFA 20 fans should try and do so as soon as possible. 

Just expect to see him pop up a lot in FUT Champions this weekend. 

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