Bray Wyatt attacked Daniel Bryan during SmackDown backstage segment

Bray Wyatt attacks Daniel Bryan

Last week at Crown Jewel, Bray Wyatt did the unthinkable and captured the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins.

Being a SmackDown superstar challenging for a Raw title, fans gave Wyatt little chance of flying out of Saudi Arabia victorious, but WWE pulled the old bait-and-switch and booked 'The Fiend' to win.

It was certainly a shock, but that left SmackDown with two world champions, and considering he sported a bright red belt, the expectation was that Wyatt would be heading to Monday nights.

However it was Brock Lesnar that made the jump with his WWE Championship instead, leaving Bray to stay on Friday's on FOX.

Due to the travel delays that saw superstars stuck in Saudi Arabia, Wyatt's appearance on Miz TV last week had to be scrapped, but fans in Manchester, England were excited to see Wyatt or The Fiend as champion for the first time.

To the disappointment of many though, he was absent during the actual television taping, and he only showed up at the end of the night in an after-show segment, where he destroyed The O.C.

Bray Wyatt has a new feud lined-up

We wouldn't get a Wyatt-less SmackDown though, as an added-in segment showed us what plans WWE seemingly have for The Fiend going forward.

After not being convinced to join Sami Zayn's stable, Daniel Bryan and Zayn's locker room conversation was interrupted with a light flicker, then a total black-out, with The Fiend then appearing behind Bryan.

Wyatt locked in a Mandible Claw, incapacitating Bryan and making it very clear who his next target was.

The two men have a lot of history, with Bryan joining the Wyatt Family in late 2013 before turning his back on Bray very quickly, with the feud culminating in a win for the Eater of Worlds at the 2014 Royal Rumble.

He's a much different entity nowadays though, and considering there's a WWE Title match at Survivor Series, the feeling is that Wyatt v Bryan may also be added to the card.

This won't be a one-and-done though - this could have the makings of a feud which may end up lasting months.

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