Dolph Ziggler says he threatened to quit WWE over their plans for his match with Goldberg

Dolph Ziggler hits a Superkick on Goldberg at SummerSlam

The SummerSlam match between Dolph Ziggler and Goldberg almost didn't go down the way it ended up doing.

It became apparent in the weeks leading up to the event this year that the two would be going at it, despite the build-up being between The Miz, Ziggler and Shawn Michaels.

Ziggler was subtly mocking Goldberg in backstage promos though, which led to his return just six nights before the pay-per-view, presumably wanting to right the wrong of Super ShowDown two months previously.

So what happened during the match? Well Ziggler hit Goldberg with two quick Superkicks, which he kicked out of both. That was the end of his offense though as the WCW legend hit a Spear and a Jackhammer for an extremely quick victory.

Ziggler was humilated post-match with three more Spears. A meeting in a Las Vegas steakhouse a month later looked like a set-up for a rematch, but it's not happened as of yet.

TalkSPORT's Alex McCarthy quizzed Ziggler on the SummerSlam match, and the Show-Off revealed some interesting details of how it was actually meant to go down, and his reaction to what WWE told him initially.

Dolph Ziggler has revealed his frustrations with WWE for their original match plans against Goldberg

Ziggler said he felt great to be the one asked to face Goldberg in his return, but his mood soon changed.

"They [WWE] go; ''it's going to be a bell, spear, pin," and I go "c'mon man," Dolph told McCarthy.

"I fought all day long, threatened to leave, threatened to quit and said give me two damn minutes! And I got one minute - but whatever."

Ziggler may well have threatened that sarcastically, but you couldn't have blamed him if he was being serious, could you?

After the humiliation he suffered post-match and the loss to The Miz the following night on Raw, it looked like Ziggler may have been getting phased out of television again, but a couple of weeks later he won the Raw Tag Team Championships with Robert Roode.

He may one day get his rematch with Goldberg, but he shouldn't be banking on getting his win back...

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