KSI beats Logan Paul by split decision in controversial battle of the YouTube stars

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2

KSI defeated Logan Paul via split decision in the battle of the YouTube stars in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The Brit did enough to beat Paul in a controversial fight filled with questionable technique and fouling.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, came out on top after two out of the three judges awarded him the win.

The two were competing for the second time after their draw in Manchester last year.

And while there was plenty of criticism surrounding their clash - which was licensed by the California State Athletic Commission - there can be no doubting that they both know how to sell a fight.

Paul felt a sense of injustice after he was docked two points in the fourth round.

The American knocked KSI to the canvas but was deemed to have landed a punch while he was down, prompting the two-point deduction.

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2

The judges scorecards show that Paul would have won the fight by split decision had he not been docked the points.

Judge Patrick Russell scored it 57-54 to KSI, Zachary Young had it 56-55 to Paul and, crucially, Lou Moret scored it 56-55 to KSI.

Paul was deducted the two points for this moment:

"You can't do that s***," Paul was told by the referee.

‘The Maverick’, who has 20 million subscribers on YouTube, was furious with the decision.

"I thought it was a legitimate knockdown," Paul said, per the Mirror. "I didn't get a warning.

"I got two points taken away from me and that's the reason I lost tonight.

“I would love to contest the commission because I think I should have got a warning. I don't think it was fair at all."

Paul called for a rematch but KSI said that the rivalry is now over.

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