Charlotte Flair responds to criticism over her multiple women's championship reigns


Charlotte Flair is one of the best superstars in WWE's women's division, but she doesn't always receive the appreciation she deserves from the WWE Universe.

Despite having only been on WWE's main roster for the past five years, The Queen is already a record 10-time women's champion.

She's won the Raw Women's Championship four times, the SmackDown Women's Championship five times, and she was also the final holder of the Divas Championship before it was retired.

However, many fans are angry with how WWE has pushed Flair as a record-holder since many of her title reigns have been short, especially this year.

Four of her five SmackDown Women's title reigns have lasted no longer than a month, and despite winning that title three times so far in 2019, she's only held the title for a total of 17 days on the year.

During a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSport, Charlotte was asked how she feels about the criticism she receives for winning the women's titles in WWE so many times in such a short period. 

Flair said: “My title wins in the last year have been bigger picture moments. Unfortunately, people don’t see that. I beat Asuka then Becky Lynch wins both titles.


"It’s a very loaded question. For me, when I get to play the villain, it’s tremendous to say so, I am a 10-time champion. It doesn’t matter if it was for five seconds.

"I think good guys need to back up what they say and they need to be fighting champions. It just depends on what role I’m playing.

"I don’t think fans…looking at a storyline prescriptive or the deeper meaning to how things happen. Whether I get to use it as a bad guy or not, it just all depends."

Charlotte has put forward a fair argument to defend her short title reigns.

Her reign close to WrestleMania 35 earlier this year certainly made it easier for fans to get behind and cheer for Becky Lynch in the main event of the show.

The Queen's short reigns at Money in the Bank and Hell in a Cell helped WWE introduce Bayley into the title picture and put her on the map as a strong heel.


Each title reign Flair has had in 2019 has certainly helped elevate another superstar on the roster and, in turn, elevate the women's division to greater heights in WWE.

You can understand the fan's frustrations as they want to see superstars win titles after hard work and perseverance, but Charlotte has defended her short reigns with a very strong argument.

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