Footage emerges of Tyson Fury training with Darren Till for potential MMA debut

Darren Till and Tyson Fury

It appears Tyson Fury was deadly serious when he said he wanted to combat the world of MMA.

Not content with wrestling being the only sport he enters this year, The Gypsy King has began training for a potential crack at one of the UFC's biggest heavyweights.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the British giant had only eyes for the boxing ring, with a rematch with Deontay Wilder set for February 22 next year following their December 2018 draw.

Fury has defeated Tom Schwarz and Otto Wallin this year, whilst Wilder has a big title defence coming up this month against Luis Ortiz, so the 2020 rematch all boils down to whether the Bronze Bomber can get past the Cuban once again.

Tyson Fury wants to conquer another combat sports

A sensible fighter would be resting easy after being cut as bad as they were against Wallin back in September, but Fury decided to dip his toes into the world of sports entertainment last month.

Fury travelled to Saudi Arabia to face Braun Strowman in a WWE ring, a match in which he won and probably picked up an army of new followers from.

His profile has been raised in the States but it doesn't seem like he wants to end it there, as he revealed a few weeks ago that he wants to conquer MMA - and received an offer from Conor McGregor to train him.

This past weekend, following his appearance on WWE SmackDown in Manchester, Fury travelled to Merseyside to train with UFC star Darren Till as he showed off the MMA skills he currently possesses.

The full video can be seen here, and Fury can be seen putting his grappling skills to use, as well as his punches and elbow strikes.

Fury actually shows some decent ability and it's entirely realistic to suggest that he could hold his own inside the Octagon.

Dana White - President of the UFC - looks to be intrigued as to what Fury has to offer considering he quote-tweeted the footage of them in action.

Francis Ngannou has challenged Tyson Fury to a UFC fight

White will have dollar signs flashing in his eyes, and if he can match Fury up with Francis Ngannou, a man who has ferocious knock-out power, it could garner some big viewing numbers.

Fury and Ngannou have both said it's a matter of when, not if they fight - so roll on 2020!

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