Sin Cara requests his release from WWE

Sin Cara

After eight years on the main roster, the current inception of Sin Cara has requested his release from WWE.

In a statement released to his official Twitter account, the luchador states that he's 'made the hardest decision in his career'.

The masked man, real name Jorge Arias, believes that he has no worth or value in the current system - as an athlete, performer or entertainer.

He also stated that he thinks his best years as a wrestler are ahead of him and should his request be granted, he will be able to continue his journey elsewhere.

Arias began in WWE's developmental system in 2009, before donning the Sin Cara mask in 2011 following the 30-day suspension of the original Sin Cara - Luis Urive.

When Urive returned, the two Sin Cara's feuded with each other and it ended up in an unmasking of Arias, as he became the character 'Hunico', teaming up with Camacho, who happened to be the son of Haku, a star of the late 1980s WWF.

After the original Sin Cara wrestled his last match for WWE in October 13, Arias donned the mask once again a couple of months later, and in 2014 he formed a tag team with Kalisto - the Lucha Dragons.

Sin Cara and Kalisto won the NXT Tag Team Championships in 2014 - his only title in WWE

They captured the NXT Tag Team Championships that year and held them for four months, before moving to the main roster as a duo in 2015.

Since 2016, Sin Cara has been used very sporadically, and perhaps his most memorable recent moments came in the form of his series of matches against Andrade in 2018.

The two showed what luchador wrestling was all about and the feud received positive reviews, but once that was over it was back to nothingness for Arias.

Sin Cara and Andrade has a great run of matches in 2018

In recent weeks he's rekindled the feud with Andrade and Zelina Vega, introducing Chilean wrestler Catalina Garcia, who has been working the Florida loop in NXT, to be an equaliser to take out Vega.

He hasn't come out on top in any of the matches though, and if Vince McMahon grants Arias his release, tonight's match on Raw against Drew McIntyre will be his last for WWE.

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