Rusev has no problems returning to Saudi Arabia despite last weeks travel woes


It's been well over a week since travel issues plagued WWE's departure from Saudi Arabia following Crown Jewel.

The superstars and crew all needed to make a quick departure with SmackDown broadcasting live from the States a day later, but mechanical issues put paid to that plan.

A select number of stars who had been advertised for that show departed on a separately-chartered plane, but even that didn't arrive until close to the end of SmackDown over a whole day later.

Superstars spoke out on the issue via Twitter, with Andrade declaring it a 'bad day' in Saudi Arabia, with Buddy Murphy stating 'never again' when it came to the prospect of returning to the country next year.

Another superstar who tweeted during the ordeal was Rusev, who asked people for their prayers, which immediately triggered some concern.

Speaking to The Sun during WWE's European tour this week, the Bulgarian clarified his comments and said he did not mean to cause panic.

“We were all ready to get out and we couldn’t," said Rusev, per IW Nerd.

“The frustration just grew by each hour and me asking for prayers is nothing new.

“My father is a pastor, I’m a believer in God, Jesus Christ, our saviour, so I always ask for prayers just because I wanted to go home, not because we were held hostage.

“I don’t think anyone in their rightful mind is going to hold 170 people, American citizens, hostage, I don’t think that’ll reflect well anywhere.”

Rusev will be more than happy to return to Saudi Arabia with WWE

On the subject of returning to the Kingdom for the next event, Rusev has no qualms about doing that, despite the issues WWE had last week.

“I make a lot of money, I will definitely go back," the Bulgarian Brute said.

I love it, I love every single trip that we do there, I love how we break barriers with women wrestling there and Lana being able to go.

Well there we have it - it's all about making that sweet green for Ru-Ru.

He may be stuck in a storyline with his real-life wife and Bobby Lashley that has majorly split opinion, but he's staying with WWE and he will continue to return to the Middle East whenever WWE feel like doing so.

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