The trailer for Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast with The Undertaker looks amazing

The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin

Earlier today, WWE released some huge news in regards to popular content returning to the WWE Network platform.

The news was dropped yesterday by WrestleVotes, but official confirmation came today about the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast.

Stone Cold's first WWE-produced podcast was in December 2014 with Vince McMahon, and his 12th and last was with Dean Ambrose in August 2016.

After that awkward encounter, WWE went in a different direction and had JBL interview WWE legends going forward, leaving Austin to broadcast instead via other platforms.

But his content is returning to WWE, and the first guest on the Broken Skull Sessions will be none-other than The Undertaker.

The Deadman has lived and breathed his character for so many years, but as of 2018 has become less-and-less contained by kayfabe and he's made his way into the world of social media.

Appearing on a WWE-produced podcast as himself is another big step into his Deadman persona becoming humanized, and from the first trailer of the show, it looks like it's going to be absolutely insane.

The Undertaker took part in an out-of-character interview last year, but Stone Cold's podcast will be his first produced by WWE

It shows both men taking shots of alcohol, which looks to be whiskey, after Taker says he needs a drink before getting into a particular story - which could mean that some untold stories are going to be aired.

Taker also seemingly talks about not knowing whether he's going to be 'coming back next year' - what that could mean is anybody's guess, but the first trailer can be seen below.

WWE are giving us a full two hours with the two men, and it will be aired directly following Survivor Series on November 24.

That could mean we are getting six straight hours of unmissable WWE content that evening, and arguably the podcast will be more unmissable than the action in Chicago itself.

There has been a huge initial buzz regarding the first episode of Broken Skull Sessions, and we only have to wait 13 days to see it!

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