2019 NFL season: GIVEMESPORT's top 5 takeaways from Week 10

Week 10 is in the books.

The Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons take this week’s award for biggest upsets as they played out fantastic wins against the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints respectively.

Elsewhere, Lamar Jackson once again managed to further impress even his biggest fans and the Browns finally got a win (just) that they will hope can get their season going.

Here are five things we noticed during Week 10.

Minkah Fitz-magic?

Not the Fitzpatrick we usually connect to a run of magical performances that change teams fate, yet Alabama alumni Minkah Fitzpatrick has produced several of his best NFL performances to revitalise this team’s season.

Following a trade from the Dolphins where Fitzpatrick has been viewed as a less than standout top 20 pick, excitement was fairly tempered in Pittsburgh especially when it was revealed they had spent a first-round pick to get him.

Little did those fans know however that all it would take to get the best out of Fitzpatrick would be a move to his more natural and preferred position of deep safety. Shock.

On plays of over 20 yards, the Steelers have allowed a 10.4 passer rating since Week 3 and the trade of Fitzpatrick, a mile away from the 141.4 they gave up in the first  two weeks.

Match that with 5 interceptions, a forced fumble and two touchdowns and the impact of Fitzpatrick is both massive and immediate.

Derrick Henry had THAT game of his season

Every year, Derrick Henry will produce one or two games that perfectly show his natural, unbelievable skill as a runner.

Last year of course that came against the Jacksonville Jaguars when Henry exploded for 238 yards and four trips to the endzone including a 99-yard touchdown on just 17 carries.

This year it came against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday when he drove the Titans with a 188-yard, two touchdown performance in a fantastic 35-32 victory.

He is an exceptional downhill runner, with outstanding strength and speed which means against the right team, in the right mood and with the right game-plan, Henry can deliver scary good stat-lines.

Now, his size and style mean that the he has never been overly consistent, but the game is enough of a reminder for upcoming defences that if you don’t play to stop him – he will punish you.

Marcus Peters could be the trade of the season

Marcus Peters has always been an outstanding talent no matter where he was playing.

As a Chief, a Ram or now a Raven his ability to recognise routes and jump them has been literally second to none during his four years in the league.

His 26 interceptions since he entered the league in 2015 have been by far the highest of any player during that time frame and include two pick-sixes in two weeks in Baltimore.

When asked about Peters, safety Earl Thomas told media that “he’s a very, very smart player” which may suggest just why the hyper-aggressive Peters wins more than he loses.

He has had some issues with his previous teams, including the flag throwing incident as a Chief, but if he can stay focussed and playing to this high level then there is no doubt, he can return to being a top five corner.

Dallas really don’t want to win the NFC East

You could have been fooled into thinking that Dallas, with the Eagles on a bye-week, and the rest of the NFC struggling on Sunday, would have sensed a perfect opportunity to stretch their lead in the NFC East.


They somehow allowed Kirk Cousins, famously bad in prime time, to drive his Vikings passed them in an attempt to keep up with the Packers in the NFC North.

Still without a win over any major opposition, Dallas will have to think fast if they are to keep up their push for a playoff place, especially considering they face the Patriots in just two weeks.

Miami Miracle

The Dolphins’ win over the Patriots last year was indeed miraculous, but their win over the Colts this Sunday was just about as close to that as is possible to imagine.

Sure, they took advantage of Brian Hoyer being Brian Hoyer as he completed just 46.8% of his passes for a passer rating of just 38.8, but Miami showed some real ability to bend but not break on the defensive side of the football. 

As for Ryan Fitzpatrick, well he was far more tragic than magic, but Bobby McCain and co. showed some real grit, and some talent, to prevent the Colts from taking advantage of the poor showing from Miami’s offensive unit.

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