'Don't f*** with me' - Raheem Sterling taunted Joe Gomez during Anfield clash

Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League

Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez were unexpectedly splattered across the national back pages after a training ground scuffle on England duties.

Barely 24 hours after Liverpool and Manchester City's top of the table clash, the two England internationals became involved in a confrontation at St George’s Park.

A slew of reports have given various details on the clash itself and a surprising amount of information has spilled into the public domain.

The coming together is believed to have happened in the canteen, later leading to a distraught reaction from Sterling in his car and Gomez was seen sporting a facial scratch on Tuesday.

And after the FA confirmed that Sterling would be dropped for the Euro 2020 qualifier against Montenegro, the Manchester City star released a statement in the early hours of this morning.

Sterling and Gomez fall out

“First and foremost everyone knows what that game means to me! Everyone knows that I am not that way inclined and more to the point," Sterling penned on Instagram.

"Both Joe and I have had words and figured things out and moved on. - We are in a sport where emotions run high and I am man enough to admit when emotions got the better of me.”

However, the disagreement was more than just petty City-Liverpool rivalry.

Liverpool FC v Manchester City - Premier League

Gomez and Sterling's Anfield clash

Rather, the two had come to blows during the game itself and now that particular clash has been given new attention considering what it sparked the following day.

And the question on everybody's mind has been: what did the England pair say to one another?

Well, the Mirror have enlisted the help of professional lipreader Tina Lannin from 121 Captions to review the television footage as Gomez and Sterling came to blows.

Lannin decreed that Sterling said to his Liverpool rival: "Don’t f**k with me, Joe. Don’t f**k with me.”

In response, Gomez simply shouted: "Come on!" before being pulled away by his Liverpool teammates.

While both comments might seem pretty tame in the context of the match, it gives so much context when you consider the fact tensions spilled over for a second time with England. 


Gomez's encouragement of 'come on' did, after all, seem to be answered the following day and perhaps on his face was proof of Sterling's warning not to 'f*** with' him.

It's certainly an interesting development in a totally unexpected scenario and it's just a shame there's no canteen footage for the professional lip-readers to get their teeth into, also.

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