Five dream matches WWE could make for CM Punk following his shock return to WWE

CM Punk

WWE pulled a rabbit out of the hat last night with the sort-of return of a mega-star.

That's right, former world champion CM Punk made his long-awaited return to WWE programming last night after a five year absence.

Punk departed the company following the 2014 Royal Rumble, prioritising his health over his wrestling career, and vowed that he would never wrestle again.

He tried MMA though - which ended up in two defeats - and he's also dabbled in commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships, and rumours have been rife in recent months that FOX were looking to hire Punk as an analyst for their WWE Backstage show.

Talks seem to have died down in recent weeks, but to the surprise of literally everyone, Renee Young introduced Punk at the end of last night's show, where he revealed he would be in the studio next week.

As you can imagine, social media absolutely blew up following his shock appearance, which got people talking about a potential in-ring WWE return in the near future - after all, Survivor Series is in his home-city of Chicago in less than two weeks.

He's working for FOX though, not WWE, and considering he's stated that he would return on the right terms, we've come up with five dream matches that Punk could contest if he did return to in-ring competition.


AJ Styles last faced CM Punk in 2004

These two fine athletes have competed against each other before in Ring Of Honor, but that was way back in 2004 when they were both young men.

Despite both now being in their 40s, you'd be lying if you didn't want to see in your future.

Both men have led big-name factions before so they have quite a bit in common, and you'd imagine their styles would mesh quite well inside the squared circle.


CM Punk and Samoa Joe are good friends, and produced a five-star match in 2005

Joe is another one of Punk's former Ring Of Honor foes, with a 2005 match of theirs earning a five-star rating from Dave Meltzer.

The two men are very close friends, so they'd jump at the chance to feud with each other in WWE.

A big-hitting brute like Joe against a skilled technical wrestler like Punk? Another five stars please, Dave.


Finn Balor is one of two superstars on the list that has never faced Punk

The Irishman may be in NXT now, but any match-up is possible in WWE.

Balor debuted in late 2014, the same year Punk departed the company, but chances are they'd put on an epic spectacle in the ring.

The new cocky heel persona Balor is portraying has been well received by the fans, and the chance to see that pitted against a returning Punk would make many minds explode.


WALTER made his Raw debut on Monday - he could give CM Punk a hard-hitting match

Casual WWE fans may have only seen the WWE United Kingdom Champion for the first time this past Monday on Raw, where he faced Seth Rollins, but he probably left a massive impression on everyone.

WALTER and Punk have never faced each other, but his brutal offense that has seen him take out the likes of Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate would get very over on the main roster.

Punk has faced many big men before, but maybe none as hard-hitting as 'The Ring General.


The Fiend is perhaps the hottest property that WWE currently possess

It wouldn't be a dream matches list if we weren't going to include the hottest thing going in WWE right now.

The Fiend seems to be going after people who have wronged him in the past - Daniel Bryan for example turned his back on Wyatt in late 2013 when he became part of the Wyatt Family very briefly.

Punk actually led Wyatt's old character - Husky Harris - as part of the New Nexus in 2011, and then feuded with him and the rest of the Wyatt's in late 2013.

On current viewing, Punk would realistically have to be destroyed by The Fiend - but stranger things have happened in sports entertainment.

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