Andy Ruiz Jr’s diet ahead of heavyweight rematch against Anthony Joshua


Andy Ruiz Jr pulled off one of the biggest boxing shocks of recent times when he defeated Anthony Joshua in New York back in June.

The California-born fighter of Mexican heritage upset the odds and stunned the world by claiming all of Joshua’s belts and stopping the Brit for the first time in his professional career.

Ruiz Jr, who stepped in for the banned Jarrell Miller, wasn’t given a chance prior to the fight - especially by those who knew little about the ‘chubby’ boxer who ate Snickers.

But despite the jibes about his physique, Ruiz Jr proved that body appearance isn’t everything in boxing. He showed the heart of a lion and outclassed his star opponent to become heavyweight champion of the world at Madison Square Gardens.

Now he’s in preparation for the rematch - which takes place on December 7 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia - and, worryingly for Joshua, he’s looking in much better shape this time around.

Images of Ruiz Jr’s ‘transformation’ recently went viral on social media.

He’s looking so much leaner this time around - and that’s presumably down to his current diet.


His personal nutritionist and chef, Zo’s Meal Plans, told Sky Sports - per the Mirror - how Ruiz Jr is eating to maintain his fitness ahead of the rematch against Joshua.

Let’s take a look…


Ruiz Jr begins his day by eating an omelette with mushroom, spinach and avocado. It will also contain different meat each time. If he’s feeling particularly peckish, he’ll ask for hash browns to be added to his plate. Good choice, Andy.

This is a breakfast which provides high-quality protein and fibre, plus various vitamins and minerals.



Because he trains later in the day, the world heavyweight champion likes to eat a lighter lunch, such as a chicken salad or a chicken wrap.

The chicken is an excellent source of high protein, low fat and ideal muscle fuel.



Ruiz Jr eats pasta or rice for a dinner after a hard day of training. His nutritionist says he’s been attempting to replicate the rice served in Saudi Arabia because his star client loves it so much.

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Meal of choice

The 30-year-old loves a good steak and eats one whenever he can.

“We try to keep the steak leaner and I try to give him more chicken or fish, if I can,” his nutritionist adds.

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Ruiz Jr is a heavyweight boxer, so he obviously can’t rely solely on three square meals a day. He needs some snacks in between.

He’ll snack on a wrap or a sandwich - just something light that he can travel with - while he also eats a lot of nuts and fruit.


Cheat meal

Every Friday night, Ruiz Jr tucks into some tasty tacos, which he picks up at a place located near his house.

“Andy loves the el pastor con queso tacos,” his nutritionist reveals. “They put cheese inside the taco, and melt it - we get an assortment but he loves the marinated pork.”

Sounds delicious.


He would also have some popcorn while at the cinema during his previous training camp.

But is Ruiz Jr really disciplined enough to stick by this diet?

“Yes,” his nutritionist insists. “We try to make it healthier. A lot of fruits and vegetables but he has the occasional treat. For the most part, he is serious about his diet. We try to give him the correct fuel to get through his training sessions. We introduce veggies and fish.”

The big question is: can he still beat AJ without Snickers in his diet?

We’ll find out in a few weeks’ time.

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