CM Punk reportedly rejected 'a lot of money' to return to the ring with AEW

CM Punk

CM Punk shocked the world on Tuesday night when he appeared at the conclusion of the latest episode of WWE Backstage.

The multi-time WWE world champion had a tryout for FOX's new analysis show focusing on all things WWE months ago, but talks of him ever appearing had quietened in recent weeks.

But a curveball was thrown when Cult Of Personality blasted through everyone's screens and Punk appeared at the FOX Studios in Los Angeles, as he told the viewers that he was going to 'change the culture'.

For anyone that thinks this guarantees an in-ring WWE return that everyone is craving though - don't put any bets on it.

Whilst once upon a time Punk was dead-set against returning to the ring, he's softened his stance in recent times, saying he would entertain the right offer - but WWE would have to approach him first.

It's not just WWE who have an obvious interest in Punk though, as their main competition All Elite Wrestling would also welcome him with open arms.

CM Punk is NOT signed to WWE, he is merely signed to FOX to appear on WWE Backstage

Punk though was not too thrilled with Cody Rhodes offering him a place in the company - via text message.

This did actually happen according to Cody, but per Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, more formal discussions took place - and it ended with Punk turning AEW down.

Per Wrestling Inc, Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Live that Punk met in person with AEW owner Tony Khan, and he offered Punk 'a lot of money' to sign for them.

AEW owner Tony Khan reportedly met with CM Punk to try and sign him

That was turned down though, and Punk is now signed to a deal with FOX, and not WWE.

Punk may just be happy being an analyst for now, but if he ever wants to return to the squared circle, it looks highly likely that it will be with WWE and no-one else.

Considering active superstars are always appearing on Backstage, Punk is bound to have some interactions which could be seen as pushing potential storylines.

One day in the near future, Punk may return to a wrestling ring with WWE - just don't read anything into it just yet!

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