NXT superstar Jordan Myles furiously quits WWE during Twitter stream and calls them 'racist'

Jordan Myles

The situation between WWE and Jordan Myles may have finally come to a head.

The NXT superstar hit out on social media on October 27, after WWE produced a t-shirt for his character that looked as though it depicted the controversial 'blackface'.

Myles accused WWE of disrespecting African-American performers and fans alike, as he accused them of racism - despite the company reiterating that Myles had agreed to the shirt design in the first place.

That was apparently because he had seen the design on a white background, and the connotations only became apparent once it was seen with a black background - hence the whole social media blow-up.

It turns out the row had been going on behind the scenes and Myles finally decided to bring it into the public domain, having been kept of television since September due to the situation.

Myles seemingly had a bright future in NXT, having won the 'Breakout Tournament' and earning an NXT Championship match against Adam Cole in early September.

Jordan Myles' last NXT match was against Adam Cole in early September

However it looks like that was his last match under the WWE banner following yesterday's developments.

Myles, who has reverted his Twitter name to 'Super A.C.H' [ACH being his initials and name on the independent scene], started a live stream on the platform yesterday and launched a scathing attack on WWE.

"As of today, I'd like to officially announce that I quit f***ing WWE," said Myles.

"I am no longer employed. I refuse to work for racist...I f***ing quit. F**k them! I hate that f***ing company and everything they f***ing stand for.

"All they ever did was hold our f***ing people back. I do this s**t for the culture, I don't need anyone's f***ing permission to do what I want to do.

"Screw Jordan Myles, don't ever call me by that slave name, call me ACH and don't forget the super b***h. I quit, f**k you!"

One thinks that we haven't heard the last of this story just yet.

Some fans though have responded to Myles' 'slave name' comment by pointing out that Myles himself revealed he picked the name for himself - which isn't a good look when he's said what he's said.

There has been no official statement from WWE stating that Myles has quit, and this could potentially rumble on for quite a while, whether that be behind the scenes or in a court room.

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