Fox releases cool video of how they kept CM Punk hidden before his WWE return


CM Punk made his surprise return to WWE programming this week when he joined WWE Backstage, and Fox Sports did everything they could to keep his appearance a surprise.

When CM Punk made his debut on WWE Backstage, it appeared as though only Renee Young and Booker T knew he was coming, as Paige, Samoa Joe, and Adam Cole were all surprised to see him on the show.

Fox has released a behind-the-scenes video showing how Punk felt before his appearance, as well as everything they did in order to keep his appearance a surprise.

When asked if he was nervous, Punk admitted he was since he's been away from the wrestling space for a long time.

He said: "Yeah, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you with a straight face that I wasn’t nervous at all.

"It’s a space that I haven’t been in in five, six years, compounded by the fans who have always clamored for me to come back to this space, so even if it’s not me actually wrestling I still think this is a... it feels like a big deal, you know? But nerves are good.

"If you’re not nervous, that means you don’t care enough to make it entertaining, and I plan on making this very entertaining.”

The Voice of the Voiceless also explained exactly how his role on WWE Backstage was pitched to him by Fox Sports.

Punk said: “When the idea was broached, like ‘would you...’ I honestly thought it was going to be like a commentary gig, honestly, like I would call wrestling matches. I didn’t know how receptive I was going to be to that idea.

"When they told me it was going to be like an analyst and it was described by FOX executives as being ‘we have A-Rod for baseball, we have Troy Aikman for football. We now have WWE’s property. Starting in November we are going to have an analyst show, and we would have you.

"You would be the ‘expert’ to speak on things because your authority is you were there, you did it all, you can talk about it.’ And that interested me, very much so.”


The rest of the video shows Fox transporting Punk through their studios, covering his face up at certain points in order to make sure that anyone passing by didn't recognise him and spoil the surprise.

The Voice of the Voiceless would later make his WWE Backstage debut and say to the camera: "It's as simple as this. Just when they think they got the answers, I change the culture. I'll see you here next week."

Punk is signed to a Fox contract, not a deal with WWE, but WWE did give their blessing to the hire. He will appear on WWE Backstage as a special contributor and analyst beginning next week, making select appearances in the studio alongside host Renee and Booker.

There's been no word yet on a possible WWE in-ring return for Punk, but it's impossible to rule out such a thing now.

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