How the world got fooled by ‘Fake’ Ed Sheeran at KSI vs Logan Paul II


The Staples Center was the centre of attention on November 9 as it hosted the fight between two of biggest names in social media in KSI and Logan Paul, who faced off once again for a rematch after the controversial draw last year.

Both internet sensations made their pro debuts last Saturday as millions witnessed the action worldwide, while thousands attended the mega event in Los Angeles.

The duo provided impressive performances throughout the entirety of the fight, ending with a split decision win for KSI in front of the 25,000 in attendance at the venue.

However, another YouTuber Josh Pieters pulled off the biggest prank of the evening, managing to fool not only the commoners, but also social media celebrities during the contest.

Pieters hired an Ed Sheeran impersonator for the fight and pretended it was the singer himself cheering for KSI.

The real name of the ‘fake’ Ed Sheeran is Mancunian Ty, who indeed looks a lot like Sheeran, and he successfully sneaked in with his YouTube pal Pieters, deceiving a large number of people both inside and outside the iconic stadium.

His presence garnered so much chaos inside the arena that the security moved ‘fake’ Sheeran and his friends into the VIP section.

Watch the video to witness the entire action!

Sitting alongside the likes of Matchroom Sport boss Eddie Hearn, the pranksters did the unthinkable of tricking so many people all at once.

But they quickly retreated back to their original seats once news broke out that Justin Bieber was on his way, who would have surely recognised the ‘fake’ Sheeran.

Not only inside the stadium, Pieters and ‘fake’ Sheeran continued the act at the after party as well, with one club PR offering Pieters the use of a Ferrari or Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini for a couple of days.

The Londoner KSI may have secured victory over rival Logan Paul on the night inside the ring, but Pieters and ‘fake’ Sheeran probably pulled off the biggest prank in the history of YouTube.

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