The five wonderkids with the highest potential on Football Manager 2020


Football Manager 20 is released on November 19 meaning it's almost time to take charge of your favourite team and guide them to virtual glory.

Whether you want to win the Champions League with one of Europe's top teams, or just rise through the divisions with an unknown National League club, FM20 will no doubt bring hours of fun.

Every year, football fans also try to uncover 'hidden gems' or 'wonderkids' within the game.

There have been some cult heroes in years gone by, the likes of Martin Odegaard on FM15, or Yaya Sanogo on FM11. 

But who will be the best wonderkids on Football Manager 20? Ahead of the game's release, check out a list of the most exciting young players - with the highest potential (out of 200) - below. 

5) Vinicius Junior - Real Madrid - 178 potential 

As he's already well known, it's little surprise that Vinicius Jr has great potential. 

His current ability is 144 and he boasts a range of impressive stats, but that means his transfer value is quite high too - £22.5m.

Vinicius has 17 dribbling, 17 acceleration, 16 agility, 16 pace and 18 determination. He also has 16 technique and 16 flair from day one. Very nice. 

Vinicius Jr has the fifth-highest potential (Image credit: Real Sport)

4) Jadon Sancho - Borussia Dortmund - 178 potential

Sancho is another established name with high potential. Given he's a first-team player for one of Europe's top clubs, his value is already £27m. 

But he does boast 18 agility, 17 dribbling, 17 acceleration, 17 technique, 16 vision and 16 flair. That means he's not only quality on the ball, but very creative too - and he'll only get better. 

Jadon Sancho already has impressive stats (Image credit: Real Sport)

3) Sergio Gomez - Huesca - 180 potential 

The only relatively unknown wonderkid on this list is Gomez. The 18-year-old is on-loan from Dortmund and has a bargain worth of just £2.1m. 

He's already a talented midfielder with 17 technique, 16 vision, 16 flair and 16 first touch. His passing (14), finishing (12) will only improve with time too. 

Sergio Gomez is still relatively unknown (Image credit: Real Sport)

2) Callum Hudson-Odoi - Chelsea - 180 potential

Like Sancho and Vinicius, Hudson-Odoi certainly isn't a hidden gem. He's established himself in Chelsea's first team and therefore comes with a value of £25m from day one. 

His 16 acceleration, 15 pace, and 15 dribbling are impressive for a young winger, but his final product needs work. His 13 crossing isn't ideal and his 11 passing is still quite low. 

But, with a very impressive 180 potential, those stats will soon improve. 

Callum Hudson-Odoi has very high potential (Image credit: Real Sport)

1) Ansu Fati - Barcelona - 187 potential 

At just 16, Fati has made his senior Barca debut and already registered a goal and assist in the same La Liga match - becoming the youngest player in history to do so.

It's unsurprising then, that he's the wonderkid with the most potential on FM20. He's already got 17 agility, 16 acceleration and 17 flair, which allows him to impact games straight away.

Fati's 15 dribbling, 15 technique, and 13 finishing will all improve as he grows towards a crazy 187 potential that could make him the best player in the game one day. 

Incredibly, despite being at Barcelona and boasting superb potential, his transfer value is a mere £825,000. Sign him up! 

Ansu Fati could one day be the best player in the game (Image credit: Real Sport)

There we have it, the five wonderkids with the highest potential on Football Manager 20. If you buy them early and give them game time, you'll no doubt reap the rewards for seasons to come.  

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