Fan footage of Lionel Messi's goal against Brazil sums up the sad state of modern football


Brazil's encounters with Argentina are always a momentous occasion, whatever the competition.

On Friday night, the two sides were only competing for the Superclasico de las Americas but bragging rights between the two fierce rivals were still at stake.

For fans of the Albiceleste, it was also a chance to witness Lionel Messi's return to international football as two World Cup winning nations headed to Saudi Arabia. 

The forward has just served a three-month ban for claiming that the Copa America was fixed to help Brazil win it this summer.

Upon his comeback, the 32-year-old scored the winning goal in a 1-0 win, courtesy of a rebound after he missed his penalty.

They all count - and regardless of how he finds the back of the net, seeing Messi score live is still something to tell the grandkids about.

Over the past decade or so, thousands of fans have travelled across land and sea with the specific aim of watching him play in the flesh. He is, after all, quite possibly the greatest footballer ever to have played the game.

For those in the crowd behind the goal, however, the celebrations were noticeably muted. Despite there being several blue and white shirts on display, his finish was met with hardly any response.

Fan footage - and yes, this was obviously taken by someone filming - shows dozens of supporters trying to video the penalty on their phones.

Granted, there are likely to have been many neutrals in attendance due to the game being played outside of South America - but even so.

And maybe this isn't news. Maybe we're just really, really old. 

Is it not a pity, though, to see football reduced to another social media opportunity, rather than an expression of passion, a matter of life and death to millions around the world? 

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