Russian 'Popeye' has life-saving surgery to remove chemicals from his biceps


A 23-year-old Russian 'bodybuilder' with 24-inch oil injected biceps has had surgery to save his arms after warnings he will die.

It had been revealed by Sechenov Moscow State Medical University surgeon Dmitry Melnikov that Russian bodybuilder and one-time MMA fighter Kirill Tereshin had previously injected three litres of a cheap petroleum jelly into his arms having previously claimed he had used the muscle enlarging substance 'synthol' to gain his Popeye-like biceps. 

Another doctor had also warned Tereshin that if he didn't have surgery he would face amputation of his arms.

The male had been persuaded to undergo surgery by leading campaigner for botched plastic surgery victims Alana Mamaeva, who was quoted as saying: "We are going to try and help this young man."

Mamaeva is also heard on a video describing Tereshin's vaseline filled arms as horrible compared to his slim body.

She subsequently raised money for his surgery after he had admitted to not having the money for the surgery himself. The bodybuilder told Alana: "I am ready, I am not even afraid." 

Dr. Melnikov recently announced: "For now I have removed the damaged tissues from one arm only. Petroleum jelly saturates the muscles, under skin tissues and the skin itself. All that has to be removed but we need to keep the vein, nerves and other functions of the limb.

"Kirill injected about three litres into each arm. It saturated the mussle tissues and blocked blood flow. As a result, the tissue dies and gets replaced with a scar which is as tough as a tree, you can even knock on it and hear the usual sound. We have removed all this."


He also warned that the Russian, who was recently beaten in an MMA fight by a blogger twice his age, was fortunate not to have died after injecting his arms with the substance, saying: "It is traumatic for the body, leading to huge scars and without medical treatment it ends even with death."

Tereshin, however, is unfortunately not an isolated case when it comes to these types of botched body enhancements, which have been more common now with the pressures of social media and the ever growing popularity of cosmetic procedures.

Melnikov added: "Unfortunately, this is not a rare case. In the whole our country women are often injected with petroleum jelly and so get disfigured. Instead of expensive plastic surgery, they agree to petroleum jelly injections and later come to us to remove it. We have seen petroleum jelly injected into breasts, buttocks, and other parts of the female body. We are warning that it is extremely dangerous."

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