Compilation of Barcelona's Sergio Busquets shows 'when football becomes art'


Is Sergio Busquets the most underrated player in history?

We're inclined to think so. While the footballing world isn't exactly blind to Busquets' talents, it sits a little uncomfortably that he'll likely retire without ever winning any major individual awards.

Busquets won't complain too much when the Champions League and a World Cup are shining in his trophy cabinet; it just seems as though he isn't celebrated nearly as much as he should be.

Sure, we live in a tough era where Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi rule supreme, but Luka Modric and Virgil van Dijk prove that breaking the duopoly isn't impossible.

Nevertheless, dismantling attacks from midfield and spraying passes from deep simply aren't the qualities to get voters salivating.

Forever underrated: Busquets

But we're here to prove them wrong. We're not trying to say that Busquets was the worthy Ballon d'Or winner one year, rather that his recent highlights are truly something else.

That's where a montage from YouTuber 'AS Comps - Match Compilations' comes into play and its title of 'Sergio Busquets - When Football Becomes Art' tells you everything you need to know.

Wracking up 50,000 views in 24 hours and standing at 11 minutes in length, it shows the true beauty in Busquets' play and has all the qualities to have footballing hipsters weak at the knees.

FC Barcelona v Sevilla FC  - La Liga

Busquets and the art of football

From fooling rival midfielders with ease, rouletting his way through Champions League attacks and creating superb chances for Lionel Messi, it's well worth a watch.

Check out the full highlights down below:

Pure football beauty and without 30-yard screamers, dramatic goal-line clearances or deft free-kicks.

GIVEMESPORT'S Kobe Tong says

Can we just have an awards ceremony where we celebrate this man, seriously?

It's easy to say that certain players deserve to have ended their careers with a Ballon d'Or - the same can be said for Wesley Sneijder and Franck Ribery - but Busquets has been treated scandalously.

Busquets didn't even make the final nominees in 2010, despite starring in one of the greatest midfields in history, and was criminally shunned to 20th place just two years later.


It just doesn't sit right that a player of such undoubtable quality could hang up his boots without the personal silverware to match the fan admiration he receives. 

Whatever tricks they pulled at La Masia, the result was magic in Busquets' case.

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