Womens Sports: Strathclyde Sirens Netball in New Partnership with Thomson & Scott

Vitality Netball Superleague Launch

The netball team is proud to pair with the prosecco pioneers to promote a world where consumers are more health and environmentally conscious, Thomson & Scott has created “Noughty” sparkling wine, which is 100% organic, vegan, low sugar and non-alcoholic, but with that distinguishable prosecco taste and experience.

Amanda Thomson, CEO of Thomson & Scott said: “Ever since I started my business, I’ve wanted to answer a simple problem – how to make sparkling wine as pure as possible and be transparent about what is in the bottle. When I changed careers from a BBC correspondent to a Champagne entrepreneur several years ago, I discovered to my horror that there was a large amount of hidden ingredients in my favourite drink such as sugar, pesticides and other non-vegetarian elements that made me shudder. 

I wanted consumers to know what was in their glass so created my own brand – Thomson & Scott – producing top quality fizz and avoiding the addition of unnecessary sugar. We also went to great lengths to make sure we could explain on our labels exactly what was and more importantly, what wasn’t in our bottles. We then did the same for Prosecco and launch Skinny Prosecco to huge media buzz in 2016.

Since then, the world has changed, and I’ve watched a downward trend in the numbers of people drinking. To remain ahead of the curve and continue to strive for perfection, we’ve created a sparkling wine with all the same attributes as our original ’Skinny Champagne’ but with no alcohol. Our alcohol-free sparkling wine that I named Noughty is top-quality wine that has been de-alcoholised, retaining all the delicious flavour of wine but without the hangover!”

“It’s now very exciting to have the opportunity to partner with another team that strives for perfection – Strathclyde Sirens. Hard work, self-belief and endurance is what makes a great brand – I think we’re the perfect pairing!”

Claire Nelson CEO of Strathclyde Sirens said: “Here at Strathclyde Sirens we look to work with innovative brands whose values and ambitions reflect our own, and in Thomson & Scott we have found just that! Committed to #ChangingTheGame in the drinks industry, they have created a range of high-quality products that are 100% organic, vegan, low sugar and non-alcoholic, but do not compromise on taste or experience. Their Noughty Sparkling Wine has all the delicious flavour of beautiful, handcrafted wine, but without the alcohol, meaning that our adult fans – and athletes! – can enjoy all the pleasures of sipping on something fizzy and fabulous, but in a healthier, more responsible way. This is something that we can get right behind, and the timing to launch this partnership is perfect as we head into the Festive Party Season! We encourage everyone to give a bottle of Noughty a try because we know you won’t be disappointed.”

The Sirens will be giving fans the opportunity to sample Thompson and Scott’s Noughty sparkling wine at their upcoming event ‘Strathclyde Sirens Presents – An Evening with Sue Gaudion’ on 29th November. Furthermore, to celebrate the partnership, head to the Strathclyde Sirens Facebook page to find out how to WIN 2 x tickets to their Evening with Sue Guadion event.

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