Booker T believes CM Punk will return to a WWE ring at the Royal Rumble


CM Punk shocked the world earlier this week when he was revealed to be a member of Fox Sport's WWE Backstage team as a special contributor and analyst.

After being hidden inside Fox studios in the hours leading up to his debut on the show, CM Punk made an instant impact in what would be his first WWE related appearance since leaving the company in 2014.

Punk said to the camera when he made his appearance: "It's as simple as this. Just when they think they got the answers, I change the culture. I'll see you here next week."

Since his debut on WWE Backstage, many fans have been wondering how long it will be before The Voice of the Voiceless makes his in-ring return for the company.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked if Punk's appearance on Backstage alongside him and fellow host Renee Young will lead to something bigger with WWE in the near future.

He believes a WWE in-ring return is inevitable, and he thinks it could happen at the Royal Rumble next year in January. 

Booker T said, via Bleacher Report: "It's inevitable and seems like he's gonna have to transition back over to the other side. The Rumble is coming up, and that might be a good time to make a transition after getting your feet wet for a few."

Punk surprisingly left WWE after the Royal Rumble in January 2014.

Booker also believes Punk talking about WWE on a regular basis will give him the itch to step back inside the squared circle once more, saying: "He's gonna have the itch. Of course he's gonna get the itch.


He then added: "CM Punk is probably gonna look at the roster and say, 'Man, I think I can work better than this guy. Man, I know I can work better than him. Oh, good God. Coach, put me in the game! It's one of those type of deals."

It's important to note that Punk's Backstage deal is with Fox Sports, not WWE. However, the door is definitely open wider than it's ever been since 2014 for The Voice of the Voiceless to make a return to the ring.

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