Sadio Mane's best goals for Liverpool with his left foot have been put into one video

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Sadio Mane may well be the best player in the Premier League right now.

The Senegalese forward has gone from strength to strength since joining Liverpool from Southampton in 2016.

Mane is now among the best players in the world and is a contender for this year's Ballon d'Or.

One area that makes Mane so good is his proficiency in front of goal.

Mane has scored goals at an incredible rate for the Reds.

He's played 140 times for the club and scored 70 times so far, meaning he averages a goal every two games. That's very good for a winger.

And it's his ability to score all types of goals that stands out.

Mane's stronger foot is his right, but he's still more than capable with his 'weaker' left-foot.

Sadio Mane in action for Liverpool

The 27-year-old's first goal for Liverpool came with his left-foot against Arsenal. Since then he's scored 14 more with his weaker foot.

And some of his most memorable goals for the club have indeed come from his left side.

A Liverpool fan has compiled his best goals with his weaker foot into one video and he has indeed scored some crackers.

Watch the video below:

Some great goals in there.

Mane has scored some power strikes: notably against Burnley and Leicester City.

He's scored some more precise efforts: including against Roma.

And he's also managed to find the back of the net with a volley (vs Manchester United) and with a cheeky dink (vs Bayern Munich).

Mane really can score all types of goals with his left foot. Judging from these goals, it appears he doesn't actually possess a weaker foot.

Sadio Mane's iconic goal vs Bayern came with his left foot

Liverpool fans have enjoyed watching Mane in the past few years and it appears they don't have to worry about him leaving for another club.

That's because Mane has iterated his desire to play for Liverpool for the rest of his career.

"I am very happy to be part of this great club and I enjoy it," Mane told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 last month, per the Daily Mail.

"Hopefully I stay here forever. I've been to some clubs around the world, but Liverpool is unique. It's like a family.

"The mood is always incredible. But it's normal that we've been together for four years and know each other. We are also together off the field and that is important for morale."

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