13 famous handball incidents on the anniversary of Thierry Henry vs Ireland

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Today marks a footballing anniversary that isn't exactly celebrated in Ireland.

On this day 10 years ago, Thierry Henry secured France's qualification for the World Cup in South Africa by assisting a William Gallas strike with the use of his hand.

It was a goal that meant Ireland wouldn't be on the flight to football's biggest tournament and they were eventually reimbursed €5 million despite a request for a replay being denied.

And here at GIVEMESPORT, that infamous episode at the Stade de France got us thinking about some other handball incidents that have cropped up over the years and decades.

With the rise of VAR and harsher handball rules making such occurrences far rarer, we thought it made sense to reflect on everything from volleyball impressions to supposed divine intervention.

13 famous handball incidents

Here are 13 choices for some of the most famous and infamous handball incidents in football history:

1. Raul vs Leeds United (2001)

Quite why the legendary Real Madrid striker opted for his hand as opposed to his head is anybody's guess, but it secured a 2-0 Champions League victory at Elland Road nonetheless.

However, cheating didn't prosper as Raul - who embarrassingly protested: 'I don't know what I hit the ball with' - was fined £7,600, banned for one game and watched as Leeds progressed further.

2. Luis Suarez vs Ghana (2010)

Now this is a big one. Despite all the controversies throughout his career, Suarez has never actually scored with his hands, but no one will ever forget the save that he made with them.

The Uruguayan was immediately red-carded for using his palms to make a goal-line clearance at the 2010 World Cup and Asamoah Gyan couldn't take advantage with a last-minute penalty miss.

Suarez's handball was quickly immortalised as, by virtue of Uruguay winning the ensuing penalty shootout, the result deemed it worthwhile.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Manchester City (2016)

Be sure to take this one with a pinch of salt, but we have to include it for comedy value alone.

Having realised that he was offside, Ronaldo hilariously channelled Kobe Bryant to slam-dunk a cross from Jese past Joe Hart and into the net, but was lucky to escape a yellow card regardless. 

4. Paul Scholes vs Zenit St. Petersburg (2008)

This one makes us chuckle every single time. We don't know why Scholes decided that shooting volley-ball style would work in the UEFA Super Cup, but we adore the fact that he tried.

We just can't decide what's the better: the fact Scholes was hilariously sent off for the attempt or that he managed to find the top corner past a full-stretch Vyacheslav Malafeev.

5. Diego Maradona vs England (1986)

The big daddy. The handball to end all handballs.

With England and Argentina's 1986 World Cup quarter-final locked at 0-0, Maradona produced an unfathomable piece of cheating by palming the ball over Peter Shilton with the use of his hand.

Maradona, who went on to score the 'Goal of the century' just a few minutes later, later christened the goal as the 'Hand of God' and it proved crucial in Argentina's eventual victory in Mexico.

6. Lionel Messi vs Espanyol (2007)

Comparisons between Messi and Maradona went through the ceiling in 2007 when the former produced a 'Hand of God' moment of his own, scoring with a reflex-like extension of his arm.

Despite the protests of the Espanyol players, the officials didn't clock on to the infringement and the Spanish press declared that 'Messidona' had arrived as a consequence.

7. Sergio Aguero vs Recreativo (2006)

Seriously, what are they teaching them in Argentina? That's not to mention the fact Maradona, Messi and Aguero are now all coincidentally in the same family.

Officials somehow failed to notice the then Atletico Madrid striker pat-a-caking the ball into the net from a few yards, despite wearing bright blue gloves and looking incredibly sheepish.

8. Luis Fabiano vs Ivory Coast (2010)

Just because the finishing touch wasn't with Fabiano's hand, it doesn't mean that this arm-aided strike is any less worthy of a place on the list.

The Brazilian found the net at the 2010 World Cup with what appeared to be some superb juggling, but Fabiano in fact used his arms twice to protect the ball before scoring.

9. Joe Jordan vs Wales (1977)

Another example that took place in a World Cup qualifier, Jordan inexplicably managed to win a penalty against Wales despite blatantly punching a cross like you'd expect a goalkeeper to.

Don Masson proceeded to convert the spot kick, Scotland eased out a 2-0 victory to secure qualification and Jordan was seen leaving the pitch unabashedly kissing his fists.

10. Miroslav Klose vs Napoli (2012)

Klose showed exactly why he was one of the classiest players in the sport after a brilliant piece of sportsmanship for Lazio seven years ago. 

Just three minutes into the game, the World Cup record scorer guided the ball into the net with his right arm and half-heartedly celebrated as the referee failed to notice.

But Klose showed his class by supporting the protests of Napoli players, giving an honest account to the officials and ensuring the strike was chalked off.

11. Abel Xavier vs France (2000)

What on earth was he thinking? The future Liverpool player cost Portugal a potential place in the Euro 2000 final by making a completely unnecessary goal-line block with his hand.

Xavier was sent off for his goalkeeping impression and with the 'Golden Goal' rule in use, Zinedine Zidane's penalty finish saw the world champions progress with a 2-1 win.

12. Raul Ruidiaz vs Brazil (2016)

This is a controversial one. Brazil were dumped out of the 2016 Copa America after conceding a contentious goal from Rudiaz that he claimed came off his thigh.

However, the video evidence suggests that his right arm also had plenty to do with it and Brazil were left furious when their protests fell deaf on the ears of referee Andres Cunha.

13. Steven Taylor vs Aston Villa (2005)

We've decided to end on one of the more jovial examples and who can forget when Taylor used his hand for a goal-line clearance, only to give an Oscar-winning performance to suggest otherwise?

The Newcastle man's heart attack impression wasn't fooling the referee, though, who dismissed him for an incident that will played in Premier League compilations for years to come.

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