Lionel Messi can even out-dribble Uruguay players while he's on the floor


That Lionel Messi bloke isn't too bad at dribbling, is he?

No matter where you stand on the GOAT debate and even if you're the staunchest of Cristiano Ronaldo fans, you have to admit that Messi's dribbling is from another planet.

And supporters were given their latest reminder of that fact during Argentina's clash with Uruguay on Monday night, the second tough fixture of Messi's international break.

Having scored the only goal during a 1-0 win over Brazil, Messi was a man on a mission against a fellow South American nation featuring Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani.

The latter striker fired Uruguay into a 34th-minute lead with a close-range finish, but the first-half highlight had actually come earlier when Messi showed a glimpse of his magic.

Argentina vs Uruguay

That's because the 32-year-old went on a mazy run that left more than five Uruguayan midfielders and defenders bamboozled around their own penalty area.

At one point, they did manage to bring Messi to ground but, rather incredibly, that wasn't enough to stop the Barcelona man from retaining possession.

With leg movements that wouldn't look out of place in breakdancing, Messi managed to drag the ball back and return to his feet with a smooth turn that completely fooled Martin Caceres.


Messi's unorthodox dribbling

Messi was then able to complete a one-two, before finding one of his teammates in the box with a neat pass from the outside of his boot.

It might have been less than 10 seconds of action and it couldn't produce an Argentine equaliser, but it was another reminder of Messi's absolute brilliance with the ball at his feet.

Check out the full clip down below:

You can bring Messi to the ground all you like, but even that is no guarantee of retrieving the ball.

Although Messi hasn't been hardened to physical football like Ronaldo was in the Premier League, he has still received his fair share of tackles and blows to grow thicker skin over the years.

And if he can cope with Sergio Ramos taking chunks out of him for 10 years, then you can guarantee that he can smuggle his way out of going to ground against Uruguay.

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