WWE's Randy Orton and AEW's Tony Khan involved in a heated exchange on Twitter


Randy Orton and Tony Khan have got involved in a heated Twitter exchange taking shots at each other, adding a new layer in the rivalry between WWE and AEW.

It all started after CM Punk hyped up his upcoming appearance on WWE Backstage on Fox Sports with a tweet where he said that no one would be safe from his criticism.

AEW's Tony Khan twisted Punk's tweet to mock the problems WWE faced at the start of the month when their superstars got stuck for hours in Saudi Arabia due to travel delays.

Khan tweeted: "No one is safe? Sounds like a plane full of wrestlers in Saudi Arabia!"

Randy Orton came to the defense of WWE, sending a tweet back to the AEW President which said: "What’s that whole thing about glass houses and stones?"

He also accompanied the tweet with a link to a story about Tony's father, Shahid Khan, who was being investigated a year ago for possible corruption.

This prompted a response from Tony, who pointed out the errors in Orton's tweet, as well as sending a shot back at The Viper.

He said: "I thought you only tagged me in your posts when you were grasping for leverage. That article’s over a year old + is about baseless claims made about my dad years ago.

"That’s the best you can do, nothing. Meanwhile in the time since that was written, you used the N word on twitch."

Orton has since responded, but he didn't address all the statements made in the AEW President's tweet.

The Viper replied: "Jacksonville Dixie: Why else would I tag you? If I wanted to talk business, I’d call your father. 😘"

This might be the first heated exchange between a member of AEW and a member of WWE since the Wednesday Night Wars officially began.


We'll have to wait and see exactly how this exchange develops, as it looks far from over unless both men decide to go back to do what they do best, which is wrestling.

If you thought WWE and AEW didn't view each other as rivals, surely you can't think that now.

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