YouTuber wears Celtic shirt at Ibrox and then wears Rangers shirt at Celtic Park


British football has some massive rivalries including Arsenal v Tottenham, Newcastle v Sunderland, Aston Villa v Birmingham, Cardiff v Swansea, Manchester United v Liverpool and so on.

But top of the list is surely Rangers v Celtic - the Old Firm derby.

The historic fixture between the ‘big two’ of Scottish football dates back to 1888. The rivalry splits the city of Glasgow down the middle and the atmosphere towards the opposition at both stadiums can be incredibly hostile on match days.

But which team hates the other more? Or is the animosity equal?

Well, one YouTuber - Ultimate Bucket List - decided to find out by wearing a Celtic shirt at Ibrox, before travelling to Celtic Park while wearing a Rangers shirt.

A tweet showing highlights of the YouTube video has gone viral because, well, the difference in the reactions between the Rangers and Celtic fans is stark.

Visting Rangers in a Celtic shirt

The man begins by walking around Ibrox and, within moments, he can feel the hostility towards him.

“I’m literally one minute in - one minute - and already I’ve got angry van drivers blaring the horns at me, so an ominous start so far,” he says.


As he waits to enter the stadium, he feels that the Rangers fans are deliberately standing away from him. Hardly surprising, right?

“In fact, they’re making a conscious decision to keep their distance away from me,” he continues.

A member of staff at Ibrox then seems surprised to see the man, who wants to enter Ibrox for a stadium tour, wearing a Celtic shirt. He’s then warned that it might not go down well with other Rangers fans on the tour.


“I might not get back out? S***, is it really that bad in here?” he wonders.

And during the tour, the Celtic-wearing man films himself with nobody sat next to him.


You have to ask yourself: what, exactly, did he expect to happen?

Visiting Celtic Park in a Rangers shirt

He then travels to Celtic Park to see if the Celtic fans would react in a similarly hostile way when they saw him wearing a Rangers shirt.

“For some reason they’re leading me on my own around the side of the building,” he says after reaching the stadium. “Is this normal? Am I going to get shot now?

“As it turns out, this is a perfectly normal part of the tour - and one thing that was abundantly clear: everyone was super nice. They all shook my hand and welcomed me to Celtic Park.

“My tour guide David was also very, very nice to me. Lots of smiles, very polite and you notice that as soon as you come to Celtic Park, you’re given a warm welcome by literally everybody.”


He was pleasantly surprised that nobody at Celtic Park seemed particularly bothered that he was wearing the blue of Rangers.

“And the funny thing is, they all actually laughed and applauded me for wearing a Rangers shirt,” he adds. “To be honest, they all saw the funny side of it and I’m actually in shock at this point by how cool everyone is about this.


“All the fans didn’t mind that I was there and they actually wanted to stand next to me.

“I enjoyed my time here. It wasn’t at all threatening, there was no animosity and everyone was up for a bit of a laugh. Overall, I was made to feel very, very welcome here.”

Watch the video here…

According to this guy, those at Celtic Park were a lot more welcoming compared to the people at Ibrox.

Perhaps things might have been different on another day, who knows?

Let’s check out some of the reaction to the video on Twitter…

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