EA Sports release potentially game-changing patch notes for FIFA 20

Some big changes to FIFA 20 gameplay are coming!

FIFA 20 is barely two months old and loyal players are already growing frustrated with the gameplay.

As with every edition, a number of new changes were added to the famous football franchise, with an added element of realism supposedly injected into the game.

However, it's been anything but, with players struggling to make a simple ground pass, seeing their shot from 10 yards out dribble past the post and being unable to swap between players when defending.

It's made the game incredibly difficult to play, but the prayers of the FIFA community may finally have been answered by EA Sports.

That's because in the latest patch notes from the company, they appear to have remedied the three key issues with their game play.


The following changes have been made:

  • Increased the effectiveness of shots taken 15.24 meters/50 feet or closer to the target.
  • These shots will now be less likely to be impacted by error.
  • The impact of ball velocity and vertical ball velocity on all types of shots inside the box has been reduced.
  • The target, in this context, is the exact location of where the ball is expected to go, determined through a mixture of directional input, and the Shooting Assistance setting.
  • This change is intended to bring shooting closer in-line with how it is portrayed on the real-life pitch.
  • Improved accuracy of Ground Passes when performed in easy passing situations.
  • An easy passing situation generally occurs when there is no pressure or interference from the defending team, and when the pass is performed at a reasonable angle and distance.
  • This change does not impact Through Passes and Lobbed Passes.
  • Increased the speed of Ground Passes performed during Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, and Corner Kicks.
  • Penalty Takers will no longer move their heads once the Shoot action is performed.
  • The Penalty Taker’s head will lock to the middle once the run-up begins.
  • This change does not affect the ability to continue aiming the kick during the run-up.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Instances of a user-controlled player not being able to manually Player Switch to a different player during a Standing Tackle action.
  • This issue was affecting Player Switching with the Right Stick and the Player Switch button.
  • The camera was sometimes taking too long to transition during Goal Kicks and Corner Kicks.
  • Slightly increased the impact of high Attributes on error reduction for certain regular shot situations, such as high powered and under pressure shots.
  • The change impact all shots, including Finesse and Chip shots.

The update is already live on PC, with Xbox and PS4 set to receive it at a later date.

With the gameplay set to be drastically improved, it's now down to EA Sports to improve the efficiency of their servers to give players the ideal experience!

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