Mario Balotelli paid £150,000-a-season in team fines while he was playing for Manchester City


Mario Balotelli has a reputation for being one of football's bad boys. 

Whether he was letting off fireworks in his own bathroom, throwing darts at youth players or simply ignoring his manager's instructions, the headlines were never far behind.

As you can probably guess, football clubs don't normally take kindly to a player flaunting the rules and it seems Manchester City are no exception. 

This week, Balotelli's former teammate Micah Richards revealed that the Italian racked up over £150,000 in team fines during one of the seasons he was at the Etihad. 

Richards was in charge of collecting the money, which was usually handed over for being late, messy or generally anti-social inside the dressing room - and he was often chasing Super Mario. 

"Everything else seems to be within sync. [But] Balotelli was always late," the former City defender revealed while speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live.

"We used to give all of our money to charities and by Christmas time we'd have £100,000 or £150,000 in there all from Balotelli being late.

"He would be in the building. Say we had a meeting upstairs - he'd be downstairs just relaxing. He'd come to the meeting but he was just a bit dozy." 

Balotelli was often fined for being late

Hilarious, but not that surprising really. Richards even went on to say that he'd often try to let Balotelli off from the fines, but Vincent Kompany made sure the striker paid up. 

"I tried to be friends with everyone. I told [Balotelli], 'I'm going to let you off today'. With him it was every other week so I could only do so much!" 

Check out the full clip below: 

Brilliant. It's also nice to know that Balotelli made quite sizeable donations to charity with his fine money every Christmas, too.  

Although Richards only mentioned the fines for being late, it's likely the former City striker was also fined heavily for his other shenanigans.

As well as letting off fireworks and throwing darts at youth players, Balotelli has also made headlines for going to a strip club two nights before a fixture and having a fistfight with Jerome Boateng in training. 

Balotelli was never far from controversy

He's a manager's nightmare - yes. But on his day, Balotelli was one of the best players in the team. 

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