Jose Mourinho: #MourinhoOut trending on Twitter less than an hour after Tottenham appointment


Jose Mourinho is back in football after being appointed Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager.

The Portuguese coach has been out of work for nearly a year following his departure from Manchester United.

But he will replace Mauricio Pochettino at Spurs following the Argentinian’s sacking on Tuesday.

“I am excited to be joining a Club with such a great heritage and such passionate supporters,” Mourinho said in a statement.

“The quality in both the squad and the academy excites me. Working with these players is what has attracted me.”

If Tottenham get the Mourinho we saw at Old Trafford, then he won’t last long. He clashed with players, the football was dire and there was a mismatch in philosophy.

It’s understandable that many Tottenham fans are fearing a similar situation under the 56-year-old.


Has Mourinho changed? Will the football be expansive and appealing - like it was under Pochettino - or will it be stale? Will he clash with the media and criticise his players in public?

We’ll have to find out but there are already many doubters, as evidenced by the fact that #MourinhoOut was trending on Twitter less than an hour after his appointment was confirmed.

“Can’t wait for us to sign Matic in January for £75m and swap Kane for Lukaku and Mata. #mourinhoout”, one fan wrote.

Another added: “Can’t think of a worse appointment. I detest the man and his brand of football. A disaster in the transfer market. He will bankrupt the club.

“Dark, dark times at my beloved Spurs. #MourinhoOut”.

One Spurs fan wrote: “Supported Spurs all my life so used to serial disappointments but this one really tops all of them by a mile. #MourinhoOut”.

Another said: “If only we had a defender as quick as you turn round managers”.

Sheesh. It’s clear that Mourinho is going to have to win over a large portion of Tottenham’s fanbase.

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