Tottenham's Amazon documentary is going to be a must-watch


Tottenham Hotspur’s 2019/20 season has been nothing short of wild.

They’ve lost 7-2 to Bayern Munich, lost to Colchester, sacked Mauricio Pochettino after 12 Premier League matches and hired Jose Mourinho.

And best of all? It’s all being captured for the newest series of Amazon’s All or Nothing documentary.

Last month it was announced that Tottenham will be the latest club to feature in Amazon’s behind-the-scenes documentary.

Cameras have closely followed Manchester City and Sunderland in recent years, with the Black Cats’ 2017/18 season being aired on Netflix, and the Spurs’ show will be released at the end of the campaign.

It promises to be must-watch TV.

Already this season, we’ve seen Tottenham lose 7-2 to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

Tottenham Hotspur v Bayern Muenchen: Group B - UEFA Champions League

Their form in the league has been awful and we’ll get to see how the players reacted to defeats to Newcastle United, Leicester City, Brighton and Liverpool.

And one episode that promises to entertain is the one showing Pochettino’s sacking and Mourinho’s arrival.

It all happened in the space of little more than 12 hours.

At 7:34pm on Tuesday, Spurs announced Pochettino’s departure. At 6:33am the following morning, Mourinho’s appointment was confirmed.

Fans are now very excited to watch the All or Nothing documentary.

It promises to be the ultimate binge watch.

We. Can’t. Wait.

Pochettino admitted last month that he didn’t enjoy having Amazon’s cameras present every day.

"When the club agreed the deal with Amazon, of course we were worried about it. Because it is not easy, not easy,” he said, per the Mirror.

"It is tough to have the camera in your office, and then how you handle the situation to have the capacity to say: 'OK, I am not in a good mood, but sometimes the camera is going to be there.'

“It is so complicated, it is another thing to worry about and of course that adds a lot.


"If we were busy, now we are super busy. To plan every day, everything, is not an easy job.

“That is why, when I told you I feel that I am not any more a manager, I am a coach, now I am like a producer. Being coach, manager and producer."

We’re going to see how much it really affected him.

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