New PlayStation trailer seems to hint at new Crash Bandicoot game


Much to the delight of excited fans, it appears that Crash Bandicoot might soon be making his long-awaited return.

A new PlayStation advert contains within it some exciting evidence which suggests that a new Crash game might well be on its way.

The advert, called ‘It’s Time to Play’, follows a colourful collection of video game characters as they riot their way through human society.

In a 10-second segment, Crash, Cortex and Coco can all be seen racing circles around bewildered civilians in a car park. Aku Aku, of course, is there to protect Crash at every turn.

However, eagle-eyed fans have spotted another mask behind Coco, which appears to look nothing like anyone we’ve ever come across in previous Crash games.

An artist for the video game developer 'Toys for Bob' has sent excited fans into a spin by responding to an image of this mysterious mask on Twitter with a single, very suspicious emoji.

As you would expect, many excited fans have decided from this evidence alone that a new Crash adventure must be hitting the shelves soon.

But if that isn’t enough to lift your hopes for a new Crash game, a second clue that lies within the ‘It’s Time to Play’ trailer might just do the trick.

When Crash and the gang race their karts through the car park, Crash looks just as he does in both ‘Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’, and ‘Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled’.

However, fans have noticed that a subtle image of Crash, shown briefly on the side of a bus, appears to expose a brand new, upgraded model of the character.

So, it seems that the PlayStation trailer reveals to us both a brand-new mask character, and a newly-designed Crash. Suspicious, right?

An infamous industry insider, who accurately leaked the announcements of previous Crash games, has suggested that there might be some credibility behind the speculation.

Their claim is that these two new features will indeed feature in a new game called ‘Crash Bandicoot Worlds’, developed by 'Toys for Bob' and due for release next year.

So, if you’d eat all the apples and break all the crates in the world for a new Crash game, now’s the time to start getting excited!

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