PlayStation 5 rumoured release date and price leaked online


The Playstation 5 has been rumoured to be released for the past year and excitement and anticipation has only increased from this point.

However, a fairly credible source has potentially identified the release date and price of the revolutionary piece of gaming technology.

Twitter user PSErebus has identified that the release date would be within the holiday season of 2020, and more specifically, November 20, 2020.

Furthermore, a particular fear of the PS5 was that this console would cost an outrageous amount, but, much to the delight of all the gamers out there, it's actually (reportedly) more reasonable than you might fear. 

The console has been reported to be worth $499, which would equate to around £380, which for a NextGen console isn't exactly terrible if you start saving up in advance.

Although at first this might appear a rather daunting amount, this price reflects the cost of the previous generation console, the PlayStation 4, when that was first released.

The PS4 was first released on the market within the region of $399 in 2014, while the original PlayStation first hit store shelves at the price of $300.

Considering the rise of inflation over the years, and that there are currently iPhones worth over £1,000, the PS5 does seem like a fairly wise investment if you're heavily into your gaming. 

However, you must be thinking - why should I care what Twitter user PSErebus should have to say about this. 

Well, the online persona correctly predicted the release date of 'The Last of Us: Part Two' which resulted in the gaming company pushing back its release a matter of months later. 

Nevertheless, regardless of the alleged credibility of PSErebus, this is still a rumour. However, PlayStation have teased a release for some time now and a new console sitting on your shelf at home could be much closer than you might think. 

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