Seth Rollins responds to CM Punk's criticism of him on WWE Backstage

Seth Rollins

Last night's episode of WWE Backstage on FOX Sports 1 saw the official return of CM Punk to WWE-based programming.

Punk shockingly showed up to close last weeks show, and told the audience that he would be there next week to 'change the culture'.

And in his new role as an analyst for FOX, Punk not only revealed where he stands with WWE, but also cut a promo on actor and comedian Tom Arnold and bashed WWE's creative team - more on that later.

In his first segment on the show, Punk told Renee Young that he's not actively pursuing an in-ring return, but he did not close the door on it ever happening.

Later on in the episode, Punk and Young discussed Seth Rollins, who had directed tweets towards the Straight-Edge Superstar in the last week.

Immediately following Punk's surprise appearance eight days ago, Rollins tweeted at Punk asking for a fight, which gained a LOT of traction.

They didn't stop there though - following Punk's tweet stating that no-one was safe from his comments on WWE Backstage, Rollins told him to not talk about him - but fight him instead.

CM Punk has returned to WWE programming, but under a FOX contract

Instead of responding via social media, Punk told Rollins via WWE Backstage to basically stop using social media to make himself look like a fool - ouch.

The extremely articulate Punk avoided Rollins' 'challenge', but his response just wasn't satisfactory in the eyes of the former Universal Champion.

He was so displeased by it that he labelled Punk as a 'coward', presumably for not responding to his challenge directly.

Unless Punk was going to return to the ring it would make no sense to respond to it and tease the fans even more, so we can't see what he's done wrong here.

The cynical wrestling fan would probably suggest that WWE and Punk are hiding something when it comes to his future, but nothing will be believable until Cult Of Personality plays inside an arena during Raw, SmackDown or a pay-per-view event.

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