Bernie Ecclestone backs Charles Leclerc to beat Lewis Hamilton if both were at Ferrari

The former chief executive of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone is not one to shy away from saying what he thinks.

This time, he’s shared his honest opinion regarding six-time champion Lewis Hamilton and his widely speculated move to Ferrari.

The Brit has been heavily linked with a move away from Mercedes at the end of his current contract, and if he were to move on, there would only really be one possible destination, and that’s the Prancing Horse.

If he was to make that switch, he’d surely replace Sebastian Vettel and team up with hot prospect Charles Leclerc.

Leclerc, being one of the young talents emerging through Formula 1, is Ecclestone’s favourite to be number 1 driver at Ferrari, and that’s even if Hamilton was to complete the move.

In fact, he’s gone as far as saying he would put money on the 22-year-old beating the six-time world champion if they were at Ferrari together.

Admittedly, Ecclestone still thinks that Hamilton would still be the more talented driver even towards the end of his illustrious career, however, Leclerc will have been with Ferrari at that stage for a couple of years, and he would be the more established driver in the seat for the Italians, who are well known for their traditional approach to how they run their team.

Ecclestone was speaking to the Daily Mail regarding the topic, and was quoted saying, as per GP Blog: “There has been change at the top and the new people are not so enthusiastic about Formula One as the old people used to be.

“If I were Lewis I’d think, ‘I’ve won another title’, and I’d stop. If Charles Leclerc stays at Ferrari, I’d put money on him to win against Lewis. He’s not necessarily better but he is established in the team.

“Ferrari is a strange place to work. Lewis doesn’t speak Italian. They might gang up on him – or fall in love with him – but I don’t think he would do as good a job for himself or the sport as he is doing with Mercedes.”

He also suggests that it would be better for the sport as well as the individual for Hamilton to step down from sport if he manages to pull off another title in his last contracted season with Mercedes next season.

This would give him legendary status within the sport, if he hasn’t got it already that is, as this would see him equal the great Michael Schumacher’s title haul.

No one would be surprised, however, if Hamilton chose to continue longer, just so that he could win eight and stand alone as the greatest F1 has ever seen.

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