CM Punk slams WWE's creative team for Roman Reigns 'Big Dog' mascot on SmackDown

CM Punk

CM Punk said he was going to be brutally honest and 'change the culture' as an analyst on WWE Backstage, and so far he's stuck to his word.

After bluntly telling the WWE Universe that he's not pining for a return to wrestling, Punk got down to business with his analysis job.

The Chicago native was in his element on the show, as he could say whatever he wanted about WWE without being punished for it.

Labelling the product as a whole as 'overproduced' and 'micromanaged', Punk pointed out that the best thing about the company at the moment were the women superstars.

He selected one particular angle from the past week of programming for criticism though - and it came from the opening segment of SmackDown.

You may not want to remember it, but King Corbin continued to mock Roman Reigns before Survivor Series, and he introduced a 'Big Dog' mascot to further humiliate Reigns.

The Roman Reigns 'Big Dog' mascot from SmackDown was panned by CM Punk

There was a collective cringe on social media over the segment, but apparently Vince McMahon was 'howling with laughter' over it - which is all that matters to make it into the script it seems.

Punk though called the segment 'garbage' and told Renee Young, Paige and Booker T that they 'couldn't possibly defend that'.

He even went as far as saying that the segment was 'something that makes me reconsider doing this show' and labelled the creative behind it as simply 'bad'.

When Punk said he was going to be honest, he meant it!

Whilst some will have enjoyed the segment [begrudgingly], the general consensus was negative, and all signs do point towards a potential Dog Collar match at TLC in December, as the rumour mill is currently discussing.

Fans are probably hoping that the feud doesn't last that long, but it's looking like it's going to be the case - and Punk is probably going to continue slating it.

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