Jose Mourinho delivers his first press conference as Tottenham Hotspur manager


Jose Mourinho is still box office.

The English media cannot get enough of the new Tottenham boss after 15 years - so naturally, they lapped up his first press conference on Thursday.

The Portuguese was speaking ahead of the trip to West Ham, which will be first game in charge of the Lilywhites.

Only 48 hours ago, journalists will have been preparing questions for Mauricio Pochettino.

Instead, the Spurs press office had to decline multiple requests for access to see his successor take to the chair at Hotspur Way.

When he arrived at Chelsea, he proclaimed himself the "special one" - then the "happy one" when he returned in 2013. 

This time, he began on a more poignant note, congratulating Pochettino "with sadness" for the "work he did". 

"He can come when he wants," he said.

"When he misses the players, when he miss the people he worked with. The door is always open for him.

"He will find happiness again. He will find a great club again. He will have a great future."

A fitting touch. 


“I had a feeling I was going to get a club mid-season," Mourinho added.

"I knew I would be in a situation where I would get only one or two days before my first game. I cannot come here and think it is about myself. It is about the players and going from a base of stability.”

On making mistakes 

"During my career, I made mistakes. I'm not going to make the same mistakes. I'll make new mistakes. I'm not going to say I’m more fit. I was always fit.”

Mourinho was then asked if he was new and improved: 

“I think so. These last 11 months have been used to think and to prepare. You never lose your DNA. You are what you are - for the good things and the bad things. I know in my career that I’ve made mistakes.

On the Tottenham job 

“Happiness-wise I am convinced my choice was a great one. (On a scale of one to ten) ten. The job? Sometimes results make these decisions.

"I wouldn’t say it’s a (big) job (to turn things around). The club is huge. I know that I have potentially a great job in my hands.

"I’m relaxed, motivated and ready & I think the players felt that these two days. I’m here to support them. In life you go through periods like this, where it’s not about myself, it’s about my players and my club."

He also called Spurs a club with a "wonderful structure" and a "great organisation". 

On being a 'Chelsea man' 

The former Chelsea and Manchester United boss is beginning to impress Tottenham fans with his new, calmer approach - though there are sure to be some fireworks along the way. Some supporters will need more convincing than others, not least because of his links to Stamford Bridge. 

On being seen as a 'Chelsea man', he insisted: 

"I am a club man but I am a many club man."

"I think I am Mr Porto and Mr Real Madrid and other clubs as well, I am whatever club I am at. I wear the pyjamas of the club and sleep in them. I am a club man, but I am a many club man.”

On being humble 

"I am humble. I am humble enough to analyse my career, and the problems. There was no one else to blame... I went really deep in that analysis... I was always humble the problem was that you didn't understand that."

He really does sound like a new man. Or does he? When asked how losing the Champions League final affected Spurs, he replied: 

"I don't know because I never lost a Champions League final"

On the transfer window 

Attention will quickly turn to January and whether the new boss is allowed to spend big - but he insists he isn't planning to given the squad at his disposal. 

"The best gift are the players who are here," he said. 

"I don’t need new players. I just need to get to know these ones better. I know them well, but you never know them well enough until you meet them.

"I tried to buy some for different clubs, some I didn’t even try because you know how difficult it was."

The other major concern will be his defensive style of play, which is at odds with Spurs' historic traditions. When pressed on the issue, he admitted it will be "very similar to before", but: 

"Of course I will try to add details, and sometimes details can make the difference."

“The style of play must be adaptive to the club culture and also the players here.”

Maybe he has changed after all.

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