Stone Cold Steve Austin calls CM Punk analysing WWE a 'breath of fresh air'


Stone Cold Steve Austin is happy CM Punk has a role on Fox's WWE Backstage show, calling it a 'breath of fresh air'

CM Punk made his debut as an analyst for WWE Backstage on Fox this week, giving his take on a number of different topics including Seth Rollins, the Universal title, and Baron Corbin's dog suit segment from SmackDown.

The Voice of the Voiceless stayed true to his word, giving praise to WWE when it was due and critiquing the product as well, which has pleased many fans, as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Speaking on the State of Combat podcast, Steve Austin discussed Punk joining the WWE Backstage show, calling his perspective on WWE 'a breath of fresh air'.

Austin said, via NoDQ: ”I don’t know if it leads to anything more, I guess speculation, to be determined, we’ll find out. Just the fact that he’s returned to be doing business with WWE, I love, because I don’t know, they split up on bad terms, and now they’re back in business together.

"CM Punk was a lights out pro-wrestler, great promos, great work, great talent, so to have him back in the fold, obviously, I guess they ironed out whatever they need to iron out, and both sides are happy, so it’s great to have CM Punk back in the pro-wrestling/sports entertainment business.

"It’s a breath of fresh air because the guy brings a great perspective, great insight, and great opinion on all things sports entertainment.”


For now, Punk's work is strictly with Fox, as that's who he has signed a deal for, not WWE.

Fans and superstars alike have been hoping Punk will return to the ring for at least one more match. Even Rollins has gone as far as to call him out on Twitter for a match.

However, during his appearance on Backstage this week, Punk explained his situation right now, saying he's just doing the job on the Fox show for now since that's the deal he signed.


The Voice of the Voiceless said it's impossible to rule anything out with WWE in the future, but there's still a way to go before he returns to a ring.

At least for now, Punk is back in the wrestling frame, just providing great analysis on the current product instead of being directly involved in a storyline.

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