Why Rey Mysterio must beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at Survivor Series


While most of Survivor Series' matches following the brand supremacy storyline between Raw, SmackDown, and NXT, three title matches will also take place on the show.

Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match, 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt will defend the Universal title vs Daniel Bryan, and Adam Cole will defend the NXT title vs the winner of the triple threat which will take place at NXT TakeOver: War Games.

Out of the three title matches, Lesnar vs Mysterio is the match that has been developing the longest, as it's a feud that began before Crown Jewel took place last month.

While it initially began as a way to get Cain Velasquez on WWE TV and in a match with The Beast, The Master of the 619 is now getting his own opportunity at the WWE Championship.

While he's currently not the favourite to come out of the match victorious, here's why Mysterio must beat Lesnar at Survivor Series and win the WWE Championship.

No Holds Barred favours him


The No Holds Barred stipulation was added to this match just this past week by Paul Heyman on Raw, and it adds the perfect pathway for Mysterio to win this match while keeping Lesnar strong.

The stipulation allows Mysterio to beat down Lesnar with his trusty steel pipe, like he did a few weeks ago, without being disqualified, and then go on to win the match.

With Heyman already playing the card that The Beast might not be 100% thanks to previous beat downs from Rey, a further beating with the pipe in this match provides the perfect excuse as to why Lesnar didn't win without ruining his aura. No Holds Barred benefits Rey greatly.

No part-time champion


Ever since his most recent return, Lesnar has always been a part-time performer in WWE, and while that isn't an issue, holding onto a major championship during that time is in the eyes of many fans.

The Beast's previous reigns as Universal Champion did a lot of damage to the title's value since it was hardly seen on TV, and that value has only just been restored this year. The same could happen to the WWE title if WWE aren't careful.

Transitioning the title to Mysterio's possession while Lesnar takes his schedule time away from WWE will keep the title on TV and keep its value strong for when Lesnar returns next year for the WrestleMania push.

Foundations for Lesnar vs Velasquez II


The way which Lesnar vs Velasquez played out at Crown Jewel was accurate to how it should have played out. Lesnar is vastly more experience in a WWE ring than Velasquez, so he should win dominantly.

However, it does not close the door on this match being revisited in the future, especially if WWE can build Cain up as a strong superstar in the ring before its time to think about a rematch.

Velasquez could easily help Mysterio win the title in this match by attacking Lesnar, since it's No Holds Barred. This, in turn, could be the foundations for Lesnar vs Velasquez II, with The Beast seeking revenge for Cain costing him the WWE title.

Mysterio Respect


Mysterio has been WWE Champion once before, as he won the title on an episode of Raw in July 2011 when he defeated The Miz in a tournament final to crown a new champion. This was after the then WWE champion at the time, CM Punk, had (storyline) left the company.

However, his reign wouldn't last until the end of that episode of Raw, as he would defend and lose the title to John Cena that very same night, who then went on to feud with Punk. Mysterio's one-time reign as WWE Champion feels rather empty and pointless.

It's time to show The Master of the 619 the respect he deserves. Even if it means he only carries the title until the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, at least then he'll have a WWE Championship reign to his name with meaning.

Pathway to Dominick's in-ring debut


It's widely been speculated that Mysterio's son, Dominick, will make his in-ring debut for WWE in 2020, and while Lesnar vs Mysterio can help lay the foundations for Lesnar vs Velasquez II, it can also help build towards Dominick's WWE in-ring debut.

It's unclear as to what direction WWE wants to take Dominick in, whether it be to perform under a mask or not, or even if they want him to be aligned with his father. He can play a major role for Rey Mysterio over the next few months though, especially if he wins the WWE title.

The pathway is there for Dominick's WWE in-ring debut, whether it be costing his father the WWE title at a later date, or helping him retain the title either as a babyface or heel. Having him involved in a WWE title storyline with his father from the start would be a huge boost to his in-ring career.

Mysterio deserves to be WWE Champion again, and there's plenty of reasons why WWE should make it happen.

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