WWE introduce a brand-new Intercontinental Championship title belt

The new-look Intercontinental Championship belt

The Intercontinental Championship may seem as though it's been in the background for a good while now, but all of that is about to change.

That's because a brand-new title belt was revealed on SmackDown!

The belt had looked the same since 2011, when Cody Rhodes introduced a modified version of the original belt, and it had a white strap which had remained until tonight's episode of SmackDown.

The title was created in 1979 and looked the same for 19 years, until a different design was brought into effect in 1998.

It was held by the likes of The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho and other legends of the Attitude Era, before being unified with the World Heavyweight Championship in 2002.

WWE brought it back less than a year later though as a secondary title on the Raw brand once again, with the same 1998 design.

The white strap version of the original title has been seen as probably the best-looking belt on the main roster, and it stands out as unique alongside the red and blue-coloured Tag Team Championships and of course - the Universal Championship strap.

That though has now been replaced, and the general consensus is that the new-look title is beautiful.

Some real stunning belts have been created in recent times for the NXT brand, with the North American Championship and all the titles in NXT UK being very popular with wrestling fans.

The main roster officials may have been keeping a watchful eye over the reaction for all those titles, as the new Intercontinental Championship looks really old-school.

A close-up look at the new title

It's certainly interesting timing to introduce a new belt though, and it would be no surprise if the only reason a new belt was commissioned is because AEW vice-president Cody introduced the white strap title.

Regardless of the reasoning, let's just all appreciate a beautiful main roster championship belt in all its glory!

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