Triple H and Shawn Michaels bring the NXT roster to SmackDown in the D-Generation X tank

Triple H, Shawn Michaels and NXT arrive at SmackDown in style

WWE advertised that all of Raw, SmackDown and NXT would be at the go-home episode of SmackDown tonight, and the closing segment of the show proved that to be the case.

SmackDown was the start of four straight days of action in Chicago, and following it will be NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Survivor Series and then finally Monday Night Raw.

There's been so many invasions of one brand to another show that it's a struggle to keep count at this stage, but it's all about brand supremacy going into Survivor Series.

During the main event of Raw on Monday, SmackDown showed up first to give Ricochet, Randy Orton and Viking Raiders a beating, but they were soon joined by a dozen NXT superstars who came to wreak havoc.

Raw returned the favour at Full Sail on Wednesday, as the show closed with Tommaso Ciampa and Seth Rollins brawling with each other.

The inter-brand brawl on NXT this past Wednesday was just one of the many that have happened in the past few weeks

And true to form, another brawl would end up closing SmackDown, but one particular moment stole the entire show.

After Baron Corbin picked up the victory for his team against Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali and Shorty G, Seth Rollins led his red brand troops to the ring, where he had a stare-down with Roman Reigns.

They soon all attacked though before meeting the back-up in the form of Braun Strowman and SmackDown - but the best moment was yet to come.

As the camera panned to the entrance way of the Allstate Arena, it showed the whole NXT roster  led by Triple H and Shawn Michaels - entering the complex, and the Jeep looked pretty familiar.

That's because it was the mini-tank that Triple H used when he tried to invade WCW in April 1998 in one of the most iconic scenes of the Attitude Era.

There was a huge crowd pop as they made their way onto the stage, and no-one seemed to get the upper hand, leaving it perfectly poised for this Sunday.

With WarGames and Survivor Series this weekend, WWE fans are going to be spoilt with high-octane action - just sit back and let it all soak in in the next 48 hours.

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