Sting still has hopes for an in-ring confrontation with The Undertaker in WWE


For years, one match which WWE fans had been dying to see inside the squared circle was Sting vs The Undertaker.

It was never possible for years as Sting was signed to the WWE, but that all changed when he joined the company in 2014.

However, despite Sting and The Undertaker being under the same WWE roof, the dream match was never booked before the WCW icon was forced to retire in September 2015 due to a serious injury.

WWE had plenty of opportunities to book a Sting vs Undertaker match in the year he was an active ring performer for the company, but they did not.

Speaking on a new episode of WWE's Untold which chronicled his last match in pro wrestling to date, the former WCW Champion said he still has hopes of a match vs The Phenom in the future.

He said, via Wrestling News: “You know if everything lines up just right. Vince, Triple H, ‘Taker, and Sting, maybe we could do this. Maybe we could just do a little, let’s just do a face-off.

"Let’s get you guys involved in this or that. So maybe I could do it. Maybe I could do that. I don’t know, again, if it’s just ego and pride or whatever, but I feel like I could do it all these years later.”


WWE had the chance to book Sting vs The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 back in 2015 as both superstars performed on the show.

However, instead of facing one another, Sting took on and lost to Triple H, while The Deadman faced and defeated Bray Wyatt.

WWE may be reluctant to book a match between Sting and The Undertaker in the future due to the way the WCW icon retired from wrestling.


Sting suffered a legit neck injury during his WWE Championship match against Seth Rollins at 2015's Night of Champions, resulting in him undergoing surgery to correct cervical spinal stenosis.

Sting, however, now believes he's fully recovered and is ready for a return to the ring, but he'll probably only come back if it's against The Deadman.

Sting has made similar comments to this in the past, so the ball is in WWE's court if they want to make this dream match finally happen after so many years.

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