Ed Woodward allegedly shouted at Sir Alex Ferguson during Sheffield Utd 3-3 Man Utd


Things aren't going well at Manchester United if you hadn't noticed.

In fact, they haven't really gone to plan since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from football back in 2013.

He finished with a title, of course - his 13th Premier League trophy - before handing things over to David Moyes.

And it's been downhill ever since, with United on their fourth manager since then (fifth, if you count Ryan Giggs as caretaker).

Right now, however, things are as bad as they've been and they simply don't look like an elite side anymore.

So who's to blame?

While Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn't currently look up to managing the club, he's only been around since December - the regression has been going on far longer than that.

One man who has overseen it all, however, is Ed Woodward.

Woodward is the current executive vice-chairman of United and has effectively run the club since the retirement of David Gill in 2013.

So, Woodward has literally run things throughout the post-Ferguson era.

Woodward and Ferguson are often together at games.

Fans aren't exactly thrilled with his work since then and you know what makes things worse? Arguing in the stands with Ferguson - the ultimate club legend.

But that's exactly what he did with the team losing at Sheffield United on Sunday.

The camera caught Woodward appearing to shout at Ferguson in a heated argument - over what exactly we don't know, but you can bet it had something to do with the terrible performance they were watching.

Ferguson then seems to hold his hands on his head afterwards. Again, not a great look for Woodward, who is far from popular with fans as it is.

You can see some of the reaction below:

Something like this will damage things significantly - he seems at odds with Ferguson, who the fans rightfully trust completely.

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