Women’s Sports: Ten statement leggings to get you moving in style this winter

To keep up with the growth of athleisure-wear and the desire to stay on-trend with a fashionable kit that’s functional, we’ve made it easier by listing our top 10 leggings that will set you apart when working out.

Letting go of your typically ‘safe’ black leggings can feel like an ultimate break-up but studies show that working out in new gym wear can enhance your performance. 

Sports Psychologist, Dr Jonathan Fader, backs this by suggesting that when we put on new fitness gear, we get into character, similar to an actor putting on a costume which in turn, leads to improved performance.

We tried on some of the most striking leggings in Sports Direct and pieced together short reviews to help you find the perfect statement leggings for future workouts. 

1. Adidas AlphaSkin 360 Tights £29.98

The Adidas AlphaSkin 360 tights are designed to feel like a second skin. The perfectly tight fitted material is lightweight and will not budge even when doing the most intense exercise.

Adidas’ AlphaSkin technology offers three different levels of compression based on your personal preference. The AlphaSkin 360 which is the highest level, the AlphaSkin Tech, the middle level; and the AlphaSkin Sport, the lightest compression.

The Adidas AlphaSkin 360 tights also feature a flattering reflective design. 

2. Adidas Believe Tights £48.00

The Adidas Believe tights feature a striking all-over pink print and a high rise waistband offering a secure fit.

These tights are also crafted with sweat-wicking fabric to ensure that the skin is dry at all times during workouts and has a stretchy fabric that allows for full freedom of movement.

These can be worn for a wide variety of exercises such as running, gym and yoga. 

3. Under Armour Vanish Print Tights £46.00

When trying the Under Armour Vanish Print tights for the first time, I noticed how buttery-soft the material was. The secret to this is, Under Armour engineered HeatGear technology to regulate body temperature in order to keep you light and dry at all times when wearing these tights.

These are perfect for the gym or during the summer. 

4. Nike Power Dri-FIT Floral Print Tights £69.99

The Nike Power Dri-FIT tights is a step up from your usual black leggings as it features a nice floral touch. The high-waisted band offers maximum support and compliments the beauty of the design.

These tights also feature a small pocket that is suitable enough for locker keys and is best paired with their matching crop-top. 

5. Nike Epic Luxe Tights £104.99

Although pricey, the Nike Epic Luxe tights are worth investing in. These tights look deceptively casual with its black and silver design but offer a flash style reflective look which will make you unmissable as you cycle home from work in the dark.

These tights also feature a sleek side pocket big enough to fit a mobile phone, perfect for long runs. 

6. Reebok WOR Big Delta Tights £16.00

The Reebok WOR Big Delta tights in Cobalt will have you looking bright and stylish with its block-coloured panelling.

These tights are engineered with speed wick technology which draws sweat away while you workout. Another advantage is that it’s tight fitted and flexible enough to allow movements such as stretches with ease. 

7/8. Gabby Allen X Sport FX Reversible Tights £29.00

These tights can be worn in two ways making it extremely practical for those who are looking for a 2-in-1.

It can be worn as a fun and stylish floral print leggings or it can be flipped inside out and worn as a statement black leggings with a simple floral print at the waistband. 

9. Under Armour HeatGear Printed Leggings £28.00

These eye-catching purple and blue tights are a perfect balance of style and comfort. These compression tights feel supportive and are suitable for any type of sport or fitness class.

These leggings are best paired with their matching crop-top.  

10. New Balance Impact Performance Tights £45.00

The blue and black design of the New Balance Impact Performance tights gives it a simple yet trendy look. These tights also feature NBDry technology to keep you cool particularly when involved in a high-intensity workout.  

All leggings can be found on Sports Direct.

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