Five superstars who had breakout performances at WWE Survivor Series


WWE brand supremacy belongs to NXT after they defeated Raw and SmackDown at Survivor Series on Sunday night.

NXT won four of the seven brand supremacy matches which took place at Survivor Series, while SmackDown won two matches and Raw won one match.

It was essentially a breakout night for NXT as they have now solidified their position as the third brand in WWE, rather than being the developmental brand like they have been in the past.

Several superstars from NXT stood out on the show and have now put themselves in a strong position for pushes on either Raw, SmackDown or NXT.

Here are five superstars that had breakout performances at Survivor Series, and unsurprisingly, they're all currently NXT superstars.

Rhea Ripley


Rhea Ripley led Team NXT to victory in the women’s five-on-five-on-five match to open Survivor Series, showing NXT meant business.

While she didn't rack up the eliminations in the match, she did pick up the key final elimination that would see NXT win the match, hitting the Riptide on SmackDown's Sasha Banks before pinning The Boss to win the opener.

Not only did Ripley help NXT start Survivor Series off strong, but she showed the world she can be the woman to lead NXT once Shayna Baszler moves to Raw or SmackDown, as well as be a star in the women's division herself on the red or blue brand when she's given her chance.

Adam Cole


While Adam Cole didn't compete directly against Raw or SmackDown, he still produced a great performance in his NXT Championship defense against Pete Dunne.

Cole showed his resiliency in this grueling match after he countered Dunne's Bitter End into a destroyer piledriver before hitting the Last Shot to the back of the head to retain his NXT title.

On top of his effort at WarGames the night before, the NXT Champion has arguably been the MVP of the weekend and will now likely be a prime candidate to move to either Raw or SmackDown when the opportunity arises.

Pete Dunne


Speaking of making the most of an opportunity, Pete Dunne did exactly that in his NXT Championship match against Cole at Survivor Series despite losing the bout.

Although he fell short by the match's end, Dunne brought the physicality to the match with his meticulous work, living up to his Bruiserweight nickname.

Once Cole moves to either Raw or SmackDown, it feels like Dunne will be a natural heir to the NXT throne if he keeps on performing like he did at Survivor Series. We've got some great feuds to come between him, Tommaso Ciampa, and Finn Balor for the NXT title.

Roderick Strong


Roderick Strong was never considered the favourite to beat AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura in his Survivor Series match, but he definitely made his case that he was on the same level as them.

After Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Nakamura, Strong picked up the sneaky win by throwing The Phenomenal One out of the ring and rolling up the Intercontinental Champion for the pin. He was brilliant.

The NXT North American Champion has the momentum on his side now to continue rising up the ranks in NXT, although it's unlikely his rise results in him challenging fellow Undisputed ERA member Cole for his NXT title.

Keith Lee


No one was more impressive at Survivor Series for NXT than Keith Lee, who fought hard but fell at the final hurdle in the men's Survivor Series match. However, he showed the world he's a future star in the making.

The NXT star showed off his athleticism for a big guy throughout the match, even managing to eliminate Raw's Seth Rollins from the bout before facing SmackDown's Roman Reigns to decide a winner.

Lee was the last man eliminated in the match by Reigns, but his effort and performance in the match earned him the respect of The Big Dog, as the two fist-bumped before they went their separate ways.

These five had breakout performances at Survivor Series, and it probably won't be long until we see them produce quality in the ring again in WWE.

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