WWE may finally be turning Seth Rollins heel after what happened on Monday Night Raw

Seth Rollins

As WWE fans now all know, NXT reigned supreme at Survivor Series, taking four victories out of the seven inter-brand matches in Chicago on Sunday evening.

They completely showed up Raw and SmackDown who were left trailing behind, and it was the red brand who only won one out of the seven bouts.

Because of this, the captain of the men's Survivor Series team - Seth Rollins - hosted a 'Town Hall' meeting to kick off Raw last night - and it didn't go down well.

If you've been living under a rock recently, you won't know that a lot of WWE fans have turned on Rollins' character to the point where nothing he did at Survivor Series was cheered.

Rollins was announced on commentary as a 'locker room leader', but what the segment portrayed was a lack of faith in his leadership, and the first signs that WWE are listening to fan reactions and are starting to turn him heel.

The Kingslayer called out Randy Orton for being Raw's 'weak link' and berated Charlotte Flair for disgracing her family name and not being the last woman remaining in her match.

But the major heel-like moment was mocking Rey Mysterio for his loss to Brock Lesnar, and calling Rey's son Dominick a 'stupid kid'.

The Raw roster turn their backs on Seth Rollins following his Town Hall meeting

Every person on the roster turned their back on Seth aside from Kevin Owens, who stood up to him after his loyalty was questioned, and he delivered a Stunner to Rollins after it was suggested that he will 'never be a Seth Rollins'.

A match was set up for the show-closer, and there would be further teases that Rollins is turning to the dark side.

In his rant at the start of the show, Rollins called out AOP for 'not doing anything at all' at Survivor Series despite not being booked for a match, but they were to play a major part in the night.

They destroyed Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, and then re-appeared in their suits and interfered in the Rollins v Owens main event, where they absolutely dismantled Owens.

Neglecting to take any further physical action on Rollins, AOP departed and Rollins hit a Stomp on a prone Owens, leading to a loud chorus of boos.

Kevin Owens was brutally assaulted by AOP on Raw

From what we witnessed, it seems like WWE want you to believe that Rollins and AOP are going to form a new heel stable in the near future - and that actually sounds pretty exciting.

This could be the fresh start Rollins needs to regain an edge to his character, so let's just see what happens next week and see if WWE actually pull the trigger on the turn.

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