Incredible footage of Mike Tyson wrestling his tiger shows how bonkers he actually was

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Mike Tyson has always liked to live life on the edge.

Boxing's most controversial superstar spent his entire career in the limelight and more often than not it was for all the wrong reasons.

Tyson couldn't help himself but get up to nonsense and he was often criticised for his questionable behaviour both in and out of the ring.

However, the man was one hell of a boxer in his prime and a terrifying opponent for any man to come up against.

As a result, 'Iron Mike' found his way into quite a lot of cash through his career winnings and endorsements, and there was no one better at spending it than Tyson.

The American lived a quite bonkers lifestyle that some folk could scarcely believe was even true.

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of young Mike's affluential way of living though was his taste in pets.

Tyson simply couldn't settle for a wholesome dog or a fluffy cat, no. Instead, the boxer went all out and nabbed himself not one, not two, but three rare Bengal Tigers.

Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson, of the US, wipes

It was a typically unsurprising move for Tyson, who even formed a rather special bond with the massive cats.

In fact, footage has emerged of Tyson wrestling with one of his tigers way back in 1996 and it just about sums up just how mad the man was.

Oh, nothing to see here, just one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet messing around with a tiger on the tennis court. 

Tyson was something else back in the day, wasn't he? 

According to some reports, the simple upkeep of the beasts alone was costing Iron Mike a minimum of $4,000 a month.

Unfortunately, it was later found that he did not possess the correct licence for keeping the tigers and they were sent to Colorado to live out the rest of their days.

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